Crumbs for The Thin Line Between Legalism and Immorality

  “Legalism is an attempt to gain favor with God or to impress our fellow man by doing certain things (or avoiding other things), without regard to the condition of our hearts before God.” Steven J. Cole                           “Even true believers can be legalistic. We are instructed, rather, to be gracious to one another . … Continue reading

7 Characteristics of a Perfect Church

Now that I have your attention, let’s reason together. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect church. At least, not this side of Heaven. Biblically speaking, the Christian church is the body of Christ made up of believers from around the world. Imperfect people, like you and me. However, let’s reflect … Continue reading

Living the Supernaturally Natural Life in 2014

How is it possible? Another 365 days gone, never to be redeemed. As I look back on 2013, I wonder if I accomplished any of the resolutions I would have made if I’d known what I know now. Webster describes a “resolution as a firm decision.” Years ago, I made a firm decision not to … Continue reading

Surviving the Highs and Lows of Christmas

  What is your favorite time of year? Is it spring with the signs of new life and new beginnings? Or do you relish a change of pace with the longer, warmer days of summer? Perhaps you love it when fall rescues you from the heat with cooler temps, autumn leaves and football. And then comes … Continue reading

Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

Dry Falls in Highlands, NC – Due to all the rain, the water flow was greater than I’ve ever seen it. This past week-end, our family (those who could come) gathered in Highlands, NC to celebrate Millie’s new adventure with RGM (Redeemed Girl Ministries), and to bid her farewell as she moves to San Antonio, … Continue reading

The Face of Christianity: Extinct or Effective? Pts. 2-3 RePosted

NOTE: I received notice that some people didn’t receive the post I sent out on Monday night. After you read it, you may agree with me that perhaps someone doesn’t want the secret out. 😦  But we know the one who is within us is greater than the one that is of the world, don’t we? 🙂 … Continue reading

After While, Crocodile – a Tribute to One Feisty Lady

(Note: Sorry I missed last week. It was an emotional blur. Writing this tribute to my mother-in-law was therapeutic for me. I realize it’s a bit long, so thanks for letting me share it with you. I hope somehow you’ll be blessed by it.)     On October 10th, Jay and I traveled to Delaware for a short visit with … Continue reading