The Most Telling Thing About Us

In my last post, I asked you to pray for me as I trust God for a 2017 miracle concerning my writing. Today, I can tell you our prayers are being answered. But I must be honest; it hasn’t been easy. The enemy has fought me daily. Thankfully, my Defender and Advocate has outranked His … Continue reading

Pursuing An Inspired Thought Life

What is the desire of your heart for the coming year? I’m convinced 2017 offers us new opportunities to expand our horizons of potential. And it has nothing to do with New Year’s Resolutions to improve ourselves. Perhaps you are hoping to fulfill your God-given potential in the coming year. That’s my desire and I … Continue reading

That Yucky Feeling

Can’t shake that yucky feeling? Or that disappointment, or rejection or a mistake you made that won’t let you go? Or perhaps there’s a nagging “thorn in your flesh” that’s there to stay. Where is that abiding joy and peace that seems to have slipped through your grasp? For six years I’ve been writing this … Continue reading

A Sincere Shout-Out to Discouraged Trump Supporters

I suppose there is something to be said about the possible ramifications of discussing or displaying one’s political convictions publicly or with friends. Recently, I discovered this the hard way. Some of our closest friends in this area are our pickleball friends. We have lots of fun and share many good times together. One afternoon, … Continue reading

The Cure for Laziness, Lethargy and Lackadaisical Living

Miracle of miracles, I now actually enjoy my almost daily two-mile walk. Why so, you may ask. Especially if you tend to be lazy and comfort driven. Like me. In my experience, the solution to hating exercise is to focus on something you love. Perhaps it’s the hope for results that motivates you. Or it … Continue reading

Prone to Wander – Homesick and Hungry

The following is a prayer I wrote a few days ago. I share it with you in case you ever feel inclined to wander from the God you love. Hopefully, God’s answer to the cry of my heart will somehow help you to reach out to Him when you find yourself in a dark place. … Continue reading

Plowing the Ground of Grace (Pt. 4 of The Path to Divine Influence)

I remember an incident that put me in my place as a mother of five wonderful daughters who love their Lord more than life itself. Someone once asked us, “How did your girls turn out so well?” Before I could muster an answer with a semblance of humility as to anything we had done as … Continue reading

The Next Best Thing to Heaven – Pt. 2 of The Path to Divine Influence

It’s been a long time since I held a baby in my arms. So you can see from the picture how thrilled I was when recently I had the opportunity to snuggle with a precious, little baby girl. There’s no other feeling like it. Where else can you find a little slice of heaven yet untarnished … Continue reading

The Path to Divine Influence

What do you consider the most important component in your relationship with God? If you’re thinking communication, I concur. The most amazing thing about our relationship with God is that it is personal. Jesus made this possible when on the cross, He paid the price that allows us to be forgiven and cleansed from the … Continue reading

What To Do With UNBELIEF (And a Huge Prayer Request!)

What do you with unbelief? Perhaps you’re in a season of praying for something very important. You know God is faithful to fulfill His promises. With all your heart, you believe He has the power to do immeasurably more than you can imagine or think. (Eph. 3:20-21) And yet beneath your shield of faith, you’re … Continue reading