A World in Trouble: Part One, Mankind’s #1 Problem

Let’s face it. Our world is in a heap of trouble. One would have to live in an incredibly naïve bubble to deny that fact. Unless you live in that bubble, you’re well aware of the vast opinions as to the nature and cause of our problems. I’m sure you’re also aware of the acute … Continue reading

A Marathon of Trying Moments – A Sweet Gift – Crumbs

  Jay’s Mom with our five daughters and one granddaughter and Jay’s nephew his wife and their two children over 20 years ago “Sometimes in life things don’t work out the way you plan. People change; things go wrong, and you find out that life gets harder as you get older. So cherish the memories, laugh as much … Continue reading

A Marathon of Moves, but Who’s Counting?

(I posted this on June 2, 2014 but I accidentally trashed it. So I’m posting it again to keep it with A Marathon of Moves. If you’ve already read it, I apologize.) When God formed me in my mother’s womb, He graciously gave me an adventuresome spirit. And it’s a good thing! For my first eighteen years, … Continue reading

A Maraton of Trying Moments – A Sweet Gift

  Since my last post, Jay and I have experienced a marathon of trying moments. Moving ahead toward selling our house, we’ve cleaned, sorted, pitched and prayed. Next, the realtor took pictures and created a web site for us. (You might want to look at our pictures before you envision what you’re about to read. … Continue reading