Cauliflower Bread (or Side Dish)

Hi Folks, It was the picture on that appealed to me. I’m not an expert on cauliflower. But I decided to try it when our daughter Lisa invited us to dinner along with family and friends. Unfortunately, I left the cauliflower on the counter in her kitchen. And when her husband, Brad walked in, … Continue reading

Lemon-Poppy Seed Zucchini Bread

On this rainy cool January day, I pass on to you a recipe to warm your heart and comfort your weary bones. It comes from Southern Living, December’s Food Gift for the Month.  It has a “tender, fine-crumbed texture and bright citrus flavor ” that offers “a refreshing change from traditional spiced zuccchini bread.” It’s great for … Continue reading

Zucchini Bread – California or Bust! Pt 1

Do you have zucchini in your garden? Years ago, I got this recipe from Brenda Barker, a friend of Mary Beth’s. Our family loves it. It’s especially good heated with butter on it.  Yum! Zucchini Bread   3 eggs 2 cups sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 2 cups grated zucchini (unpeeled) 3 tsps. vanilla 3 cups flour 3 … Continue reading

Recipes: Guest Blogger, Jackie Brown

Mom on a Mission for Christ I’m a blessed mom of four children. I have one in elementary, one entering middle school, one entering pre-school and one entering toddler hood (she just learned to toddle her first steps this month). My life is a whirlwind of events, but nothing is more important to me than … Continue reading

Raisin Scones – A Lofty Thought

  In honor of the royal wedding last week, here’s a recipe for Raisin Scones. Actually, a friend sent it to me in a birthday card. I was born on Mother’s Day!  If you’re a Mom, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with lots of love around you, and perhaps a day of … Continue reading

Chocolate Bread – Positive Faith Overcomes Limitations

Valentine’s Day, hearts and lace, roses and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Here’s a recipe to add to your personal file on chocolate. It came from Pauline, next-door neighbor to my mother-in-law. It’s delicious. But then, have you ever met a chocolate you didn’t love?         Chocolate Bread 1 cup butter or margarine 2 cups sugar 5 … Continue reading

Travelin’ Food-Fried Chicken/Pimento Sandwiches

        Over the years, our family did a lot of traveling together.  This was long before electronic games and videos.   Frankly, it took a lot more ingenuity to travel in our day.  The girls created their imaginary lines, daring their sisters to cross them.  Instead of electronic games, we played games like cow poker and I Spy.  When … Continue reading

Amish Friendship Bread

As building a friendship takes time, so does making friendship bread.  Who knows?  You might find this recipe a way to step back into a time when friends didn’t need a calendar or a cell phone to share life together.  The question is can a recipe that takes ten days to make fit into your … Continue reading