Pursuing An Inspired Thought Life


What is the desire of your heart for the coming year? I’m convinced 2017 offers us new opportunities to expand our horizons of potential. And it has nothing to do with New Year’s Resolutions to improve ourselves. Perhaps you are hoping to fulfill your God-given potential in the coming year. That’s my desire and I believe our first step is clear. We need to pursue an inspired thought life. For without that, we won’t have a clue concerning our potential, much less achieving it.

How do we do this? In Psalm 37:3-9, we find the plan and the promises for pursuing God for our dreams and the desire to honor Him. Verse 4 assures us if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts.

Does this mean we get anything our childish hearts wish for? Of course not! But if we focus on pleasing God, He begins to form our desires to coincide with His will for us.

I just noticed what I wrote next to the Psalm 37 passage in my Bible. It was dated July 12, 2003. This is my prayer of commitment, faith and expectancy concerning my dream to become a published writer, writing for God.


Fifty years ago, God awakened my dream to write for Him. Over the years, I’ve written articles, Bible studies and the posts in this blog. I’ve also penned two books that have remained safely secluded on the shelf.

Meanwhile, I’ve vacillated between belief and unbelief, as well as hope and disappointment. At times, I’ve questioned if my dream was merely a pipe dream. And yet, God has refused to allow me to abandon my hopes. Instead, He has released the mysterious “hound of heaven” to keep my dream alive. Believe me, this has nothing to do with any aspiration to write for fame and fortune. The truth is I’m more fearful of success than I am of failure. As a result, my fears have paralyzed my dream off and on for years.

Soooo, this year I’ve decided to allow God to stretch my faith to expect a miracle! It will definitely be a stretch. And it will definitely be a miracle. It’s been said a miracle is something only God can do. In my case, that’s a no-brainer. The truth is, right now a little voice is saying this to me. You’re going to be so embarrassed by the end of yet another year of disbelief and resignation.

The good news is God has already been feeding my weak faith with supportive family and friends who’ve offered to help me. Oh, and it’s interesting that a couple of weeks ago a friend invited me to join three other women to study scripture around the content of a book by Mark Batterson. It’s called The Grave Robber – How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible.


(free images by pixabay.com)

By the way, it’s their encouragement that lifted me off the all-to-familiar dime. So, my faithful readers, will you sign on the proverbial line to expect a miracle with me? This year of 2017, I’m expecting a miracle for Elizabeth Welsh to break into the publishing world. I pray God will strengthen her faith and her opportunities to know Him more deeply and to make Him known more widely through her writing.

woman on computer

When I began this post, I had no idea it would go in this direction. So please give me the honor of praying for you as you pursue God and the desires of your heart. Leave a comment or send me an email to share how I can pray for you. Let’s both expect miracles for ourselves, as well as one another. (elizabethwelsh2@gmail.com)

6 Responses to “Pursuing An Inspired Thought Life”
  1. Millie says:

    YAY! Yay! Yay! Yay!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to catch up – will call you soon!!’ Love you!

  2. Nora says:

    Praying exactly that with great expectations for Liz Welsh. Living by Zachariah 9:12–I am a prisoner of Hope!! I find it is the very least I can do for a loving Savior in a cynical and hopeless world.

    • My sweet friend, I love your comment. So well put, and I agree 100%. I so wish we lived near one another so we could spend time together. You are such a blessing to me. I love your humor, your kind heart and your dedication. I’m so pleased to call you my friend.

  3. Jmedina3@bellsouth.net says:

    You go Liz!! Can’t wait to see this all come together!! Gods got great plans for you and the gift he’s given you! I will be praying for your faith to be strengthened as you walk this out!! 😊

    • Thanks, Julie for your encouraging words. You are so very special and I do wish we lived closer to one another so we could enjoy each other’s fellowship. Please do pray my faith will grow because that is the key, isn’t it? One thing for sure, the enemy doesn’t like my commitment to believe God for a miracle this year. He has thrown some crazy curve balls but he hasn’t struck me out yet! Thanks again.

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