Looking for a Safe Place in A Scary World?

Let’s face it! The world is not a safe place. Anywhere. Not even in our beloved America. The enemy seeks to kill and destroy both spiritually and physically every semblance of peace. All in the name of a god. Not the Creator God of love we know, but a twisted concept of a fear-mongering, destructive … Continue reading

Pumpkin Cookies with Thin Butter Icing

Hi Folks. Here’s another recipe I found from the past. My friend Thelma gave it to me many years ago. Perhaps I’ll try it for the holidays. How about you? Pumpkin Cookies      Combine and Cream: 1 cup margarine 1 cup sugar 1 egg Add: ½ cup pumpkin 1 tsp. Vanilla Sift together and … Continue reading

Rainbow Trout with Artichoke Sauce

I have another recipe from my archives for you. I found this one that had been cut out of the Atlanta Constitution, which began in the 1880’s and merged with the Journal in 1950. It looks really good so I’m definitely going to try it. Rainbow Trout with Artichoke Sauce 6 rainbow trout fillets ½ … Continue reading