Surviving the Highs and Lows of Christmas

 Christmas shoppers

What is your favorite time of year? Is it spring with the signs of new life and new beginnings? Or do you relish a change of pace with the longer, warmer days of summer? Perhaps you love it when fall rescues you from the heat with cooler temps, autumn leaves and football. And then comes winter. You may not like cold weather but there’s something cozy and comforting about warm blankets, a crackling fire and hot chocolate.

Nature marks our years with the benefits and challenges of seasons. Where we live and what we do with the seasons is up to us.

The seasons of our lives are also marked with highs and lows. For example, did you notice how Christmas tried to steal Thanksgiving this year? I know. The powers that be are trying to boost the economy. Get out and shop! I suppose it’s good to get our shopping done early. But not at the expense of giving up Thanksgiving. Please!

What about you? Are the demands of the season stealing your peace and good will? I understand. For the first time in nine years, our whole family will be together. All nineteen of us! I’m so looking forward to being together and I plan to treasure every moment.

So, why have I been feeling stressed? Is it because of all I haven’t done and need to do? I think not. Over time, I’ve learned my stress level is determined more by my spiritual temperature than by people or circumstances. For the past few months, I’ve become increasingly more lax in my spiritual diet. My early mornings with the Lord have become fewer and farther between, leaving me frustrated and malnourished.

This morning, I decided to change my diet from fitful sleeping to focusing on my spiritual well-being. Do you remember what you used to say when trying to get your children to eat? I know because I said it many times. “Taste it; you’ll like it.”

taste it

Well, I tasted what God had for me this morning and I’m already feeling better. Check out the following scriptures; I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased with what God has for you, as well.

”Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Fear the Lord, you saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.” Psalm 34:8-9 NIV  

The Hebrew word for taste means to perceive or to see. And The Message uses a different word for fear in verse 9. “Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all his goodness.”

Imagine that. When we take the time to adore, revere and respect God, He in turn gives us a taste of His goodness. And His goodness is what gets us through the highs and lows of any season, especially Christmas. That’s a promise.

 “Watch this: God’s eye is on those who respect him, the ones who are looking for his love. He’s ready to come to their rescue in bad times; in lean times he keeps body and soul together.” Psalm 33:18 19 The Message (italics for emphasis)

So dear readers, savor the Lord. For when you taste of Him, you will feast upon His goodness, regardless of your circumstances.


Meanwhile, enjoy a wonderful, peaceful Christ-filled Christmas and a hopeful New Year!

7 Responses to “Surviving the Highs and Lows of Christmas”
  1. Barbara Plachta says:

    I am so excited that your whole family will be together for Christmas, that is wonderful. We will be spending Christmas in FL with our daughter & family. We are in TX visiting my Dad right now. Thank you for this blog it helped me to take a deep breath, & turn my sites to The Lord especially at this stressful time of year. Our Lord is the true meaning for our Christmas Season. All the best to you, Jay & the family.

    Love, Barb

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Barb. Jay and I were talking about y’all Sunday. We miss seeing you and look forward to connecting with you after the holidays. Enjoy your family. Love you, Liz

  2. hsalley says:

    You always hit the right nerve for me! the last 2 weeks and been fun weeks for me, even tho hectic! You are so right about rely on on God to get it done! All my family will be together Christmas night except my brother. even one missing leaves a hole in my heart but he is content and that make it allright! I am taking a breather till Wed when I start planning meals! Phillip is working at a restaurant in Pittsburgh and I will ask for his help!! and always God’s help on keeping me focused on the reason for the season!!! Enjoy the time with your family.. Hoping those who won’t have family will enjoy the memories! Joy to the world! Harriett

  3. Millie Welsh says:

    Timely word, Mom! I wish I could “diet” as well from physical food as I seem to from spiritual food! Ugh! Great reminders! Love you! Also very glad to see you back on the keyboard and blessing us with your musings! 🙂

  4. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    Yet again, the Lord uses you and your willingness to be vulnerable. Praying that we all increase our diet of the word and time in prayer as we approach such a special time with our family. Love you!

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