A Call to War: A Risk Worth Taking

Around the world, troops are gathering to answer the call to the war of all wars. Not the war between radical Islam and whoever doesn’t follow their god. Nor is it a cause built on hate and motivated by the propagation of evil. Torturing the innocent. Killing the so-called infidel. Reeking havoc and misery. And … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Frustrated Wanna-be Writer

(After you read this, you are going to realize the miracle of my ever getting anything constructive done.) The other day, I decided I would give a certain amount of time every day to focus on my study and writing time. Here’s a rundown of my first day of deciding to become more focused and … Continue reading

When the Well Runs Dry/Crumbs

(If yposted on September 30th and discover what to do when your well runs dry.) “. . . It is a great grace to be able to experience God’s presence in our feelings and thoughts, but when we don’t, it does not mean that God is absent. It often means that God is calling us … Continue reading

My Life, an Emotional Roller Coaster

When I was young, I used to love a good roller coaster ride. I have no idea why screaming from fright was actually fun. But it was. That is, until I met a monster roller coaster that should have been named Whiplash. The forward and backward and side to side motion wreaked havoc on my … Continue reading

Wise Men Still Seek Him: A Charge to the Church with a Christmas Message

(Note: If this is the first post you’ve read of 7 characteristics of a Perfect Church, you can find the whole series under the Food for Thought Category in this blog, devosanddumplings.wordpress.com)   When I think of God’s charge to the church, my mind returns to New York City and the aftermath of 9/11. That … Continue reading

Would Jesus Have Worn a Tattoo?

Frankly, I never thought we would have to deal with the tattoo issue in our family. Apparently God had other plans. Recently, our daughter Lisa informed us she was going with our 18 year-old granddaughter to get a tattoo. Lisa is an adult so she wasn’t asking our permission. But she and Haley did welcome our … Continue reading

The Fate of Skeptics

On this, the day after Easter, I’m wondering about the fate of skeptics. Are you or do you know someone “who habitually doubts or questions?” That, by the way, is Webster’s definition of a skeptic. There’s always hope for the one who doubts. For questions can lead to answers. And the right answers can lead … Continue reading

The Sad Side of Happiness

  “I just want my children to be happy.” How many times have you heard someone say that? Or perhaps, you’ve said it yourself. Of course, happiness is not a bad thing; who wouldn’t want to be happy? But, it’s just not enough. Depending on the source, happiness can be elusive, conditional and possibly short-lived. … Continue reading

From Pretense to Power #4 Instructions for Living

  Hear ye, hear ye. All who love games and those who hate them: Today, we’re going to play a pretend game. Suppose God assigned us to live for a time through someone else’s life. We would make our own choices. But we would live through their lifestyle and circumstances. Who would you choose? Someone … Continue reading

Face Time with God – Pt. 2, Showing Up

Hello there. I’ve been waiting for you to join me. By the way, what were you doing before this moment? Were you tending sheep on the far side of a desert? Probably not, but I’ll bet you have plenty of things you could be doing right now. Yet, you showed up! So here we are—you and … Continue reading