Prone to Wander – Homesick and Hungry


The following is a prayer I wrote a few days ago. I share it with you in case you ever feel inclined to wander from the God you love. Hopefully, God’s answer to the cry of my heart will somehow help you to reach out to Him when you find yourself in a dark place.

Lord, how did I end up in this spiritually remote place? Did I wander away from the home fires of your heart? Like a clueless child not paying attention to the path I know so well.

Lately, the times I’ve set apart to spend with you have been short and sometimes shallow. I haven’t taken the quality time I need to converse with you on life issues that weigh heavily on my heart. At the top of my present list are *a hurtful situation with a friend *the moral status of our country, and *the stress of this election cycle.

More than anything, I desire for you to instruct and guide me during confusing times. But it’s as if I am plagued with what I call SAD. (Spiritual Attention Deficit) My wandering focus and scattered thoughts prevent me from clarity of mind and purpose.

The truth is I’m homesick for the nearness of You, Jesus. And my Mary’s heart yearns to sit unrushed and undistracted at your feet on a regular basis. I want to listen and learn from you. Meanwhile, Lord —

I long for your Spirit to:

*wash away my confusion over matters concerning the election and the moral status of our country.

*restore my focus on the things that matter most to You.

*grant me an unselfish heart to love my friend unconditionally.

*renew my hope for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

*draw more and more people to yourself, making it possible for peace to reign in the hearts of believers in a screwed-up world.” (Luke 2:14)


After praying that day, I read in Luke 9 about the time Jesus took his apostles to a remote place after a busy time of ministry. When the crowds learned of this, they followed Him and interrupted His retreat.

What did Jesus do? He welcomed the crowd of five thousand+ to that remote place so He could talk to them about God’s kingdom. He also healed those who needed restoration to health. And then He met their physical need by performing a miracle that fed all of them, with leftovers!

According to Ephesians 3:20, we have the privilege to draw upon the power of God within us to accomplish far more than we can ask or think. Even in dark times.

Perhaps God allows us to wander into remote places so we can find Him there. So He can meet our needs and fulfill our desires physically, as well as spiritually.

I suppose we’re all prone to wander at times. But we’re not lost to God. He will use our homesickness and hunger to draw us back to Him. And if necessary, He can and will use a miracle to restore our faith and replenish our hope.


Let’s talk. Have you ever wandered into a remote place and felt alone and needy? How did God turn your heart toward home? And what did you find there?

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4 Responses to “Prone to Wander – Homesick and Hungry”
  1. lolliebeckgmailcom says:

    Are you sure you didn’t read my journal? Oh yeah, I’ve wandered too much to have written in a journal lately! 🙂

  2. I believe a spirit of apathy has fallen upon America like blanket. I can truly identify with what you are saying. It’s a battle to stay connected to the One we love and I believe it will become more difficult as our nation moves further and further from God. BUT, as you point out–the wilderness creates a hunger and thirst in us and perhaps God is allowing this to prepare His Bride & to call His Church back to Him.

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