A Call to War: A Risk Worth Taking

bugle call

Around the world, troops are gathering to answer the call to the war of all wars. Not the war between radical Islam and whoever doesn’t follow their god. Nor is it a cause built on hate and motivated by the propagation of evil. Torturing the innocent. Killing the so-called infidel. Reeking havoc and misery. And recruiting easy prey to give their lives in the name of a god who doesn’t even exist.

The war between good and evil is as old as sin itself. And yet, it appears evil is gaining ground rapidly.  The concept of sin is old-fashioned, passe. Hardened hearts have erased the lines between good and evil. And moral absolutes have been replaced with “anything goes” as long as it feels right.

If I didn’t know better, I would say our world is blithely on its way to hell in a basket made by its own hands. However, for those of us who embrace God’s Word as truth, we know differently. God is very much alive and cares about every misguided beater of his own drum. Therefore, He is preparing a powerful army to stand against evil, to conquer lies with truth and to share His love with the lost.


In my mind’s eye, I see Jesus drawing a line in the sand and calling for troops to cross over into His camp. And when the time comes, God’s army will march with Jesus into the victory that has already been fought for and won. On the cross.

Is joining God’s army a risk worth taking?

Of course it is. Why? Because John 3:16 is still true and as relevant as it was when the apostle wrote it.

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

If you’re a believer, you understand the commission Jesus left with His present and future followers before He ascended into heaven. (Matthew 28:18-20)

You and I are commanded to take the good news of the gospel wherever God leads. No need to fear for the Commander-in-Chief has promised to be with us always. Whether it requires us to cross the street or the globe, we must be willing to lay everything on the line Jesus has drawn. It won’t be easy. Quite the opposite.

But it will be a risk worth taking. I’d like to share with you a report we received from Adam and Alyson Jones, a Cru (previously known as Campus Crusade for Christ) couple we support. It is one of many truly amazing stories of the commitment and courage of those who work with Cru’s JESUS Film project.

Risking it All for the Gospel

In an extremely difficult place, God was moving among Christian leaders. They felt that the Holy Spirit was asking them not just to show the JESUS film. But to take it to the most resistant villages, where the name of Jesus had never been heard. In obedience, they formed 50 teams of five members each, mapping out the areas and villages where they would go.

Their target villages were deeply committed to their religion and very militant. So, entrusting themselves to God, the 50 teams mounted up on motorcycles, camels, and some in vehicles, and headed into the remote, difficult terrain.

They faced extensive resistance. Sometimes during the resurrection scene, riots ensued because the people clearly understood that it meant Jesus was God. The offense of a Christian film was so great that sometimes militants would shoot out the screens with their automatic weapons.

But the day after one of these showings, militants walked two miles to a village to ask the JESUS film workers to show the film again. The film team said they would come, and added “This time don’t shoot the screen. If you have questions, we’ll stop the projector and answer any questions you have.” The men agreed and said they were actually curious to see and hear the rest of the story.

On the night of the showing, it happened. These men and the other villagers watched JESUS 24 times! Of the 400 people in the village, 200 indicated decisions to follow Jesus, and 60 were, as they say in this nation, “washed in water.” The 50 teams reported that they showed JESUS to 60,000 people, resulting in 13,000 new believers, and 6,000 being “washed in water.” Then with micro SD cards and audio Bibles, they planted 900 underground churches!

This makes our walking next door or across the street seem simple, doesn’t it? Are you willing to ask God what part He wants you to take in His Great Commission Army? Will it be to give, to go and/or to pray? You decide if the rewards are worth the risk.

woman on computer 2

If you have shared Christ before, please share your story with me. I’d love to hear it. If you’ve never shared your faith, would you like to know how? If you like, I can send you some helpful information.

2 Responses to “A Call to War: A Risk Worth Taking”
  1. Jackie says:

    Great story Liz. God is bringing His purposes to pass. We need to catch up with each other. Love to you and yours. Jackie

    • Thanks for checking in, my friend. Yes, God is at work and we need to stay focused on Him so we can see the blessings through the madness. And yes, we do need to catch up. It’s your turn to come to see us so get busy and plan a good time for you. Love you and Charley and miss you both.

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