Finding the Upside of Yucky Moments Pt 4 of Finding Joy . . .

frustrated woman

For the past few weeks, I’ve been consciously guarding the joy factor in my life by looking for the upside of yucky moments.

In the book of James, the brother of Jesus left us with a lot of good advice on how to keep the enemy from stealing our joy. In chapter 1, verses 2-3, he wrote “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.”

What a novel idea! But does it work? I don’t know about you. But troubles tend to come my way every day. And they usually can be traced back to a specific source called SELF. For example, opportunity gently nudges my conscience when I’m tempted to lose my cool, complain or worry. Are you going to react according to your feelings? Or are you going to respond by faith?

For example, last night Jay asked me to put our 76 pages of tax forms on a flash drive so we could have them printed. He likes to have the hard copy and we also need to sign certain pages. We were in a hurry to take them to the printer and then go to our community group.

I quickly and stupidly put the flash drive in the desk top computer rather than the laptop which contained the forms. So, of course it didn’t work. At the time, I didn’t realize my mistake. So I was fast becoming pressured by time, angry at the computer and frustrated with myself for my inability to fix the problem.

Finally, we ran out of time and the nasty task would have to wait until another time. At 3:30 this morning, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I settled at my desk to have my time with God, as well as to work on this post. When I opened my computer, I immediately realized what I had done. Yes, I felt foolish but the problem was solved and that’s always a good thing.

And now I’m considering the advice from God’s Word. Better late than never, right? How could I have possibly considered that frustrating situation an opportunity for great joy? Was there any joy to be found?


Let’s find out by considering the opportunities I actually had for joy during last night’s harried moments.  


*I have a computer and I sometimes manage to use it effectively.


*We have a neighbor who’s willing to help us when we have real computer problems.

*I have a husband who’s willing to make sure our taxes get done. And hopefully, we’ll get a refund.

*God is good, all the time. And He’s always with me to navigate my choices between reacting and responding. That is, if I will just take the time to consider my opportunities.

The upside of this story is this. I am becoming more aware of finding the joy of the moment before I wreck it altogether.

One moment of gratitude to God is enough to turn a yucky moment into a joyful one.

Joy to the world! And let it begin with you and me.

joy to the world

Think about a recent time you faced a difficult struggle. Were you able to find the upside of your yucky moments? If not and you could go back in time, how would you respond differently?

woman on computer


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