Affirmative Action at its Best, Pt. 3 Finding Joy in the Moment, Regardless

affirmative actions

Finding joy in the moment, regardless of our circumstances is the highest form of affirmative action. That’s because:

  • Finding joy . . . requires us to look for and discover something outside ourselves. Let’s face it. Joy is a positive stimulus that doesn’t come naturally. And it never will. The kind of joy that sustains us through pain, sorrow and fears comes from God. It’s a fruit of the Spirit that grows inside us as we yield our lives to His care.

  • Finding joy . . . trains us to respond to life according to God’s promises, rather than to react to our circumstances, other people or our feelings.

  • Finding joy . . . motivates us to embrace a positive attitude instead of settling for a negative one.

  • Finding joy . . . encourages us to pursue God’s will versus our own way and to desire His will more than our own.

Practically speaking,

What finding joy in the moment doesn’t mean: that I won’t ever lose my cool with my husband and react in anger.

What it does mean: that I will more quickly acknowledge and confess my sin to God and apologize to my husband sooner. This way I can truly let go of the anger, as well as the guilt.

Finding joy . . . is a functional way to practice the presence of God. But it’s not a once and done experience; finding joy regardless of our circumstances or the challenges we face is a moment-by-moment exercise of faith. Focusing on God and His Word and trusting His faithfulness to meet us where we are and take us where He wants us to be.


What do you think? I’m thinking you probably have something to offer on the subject. What are some ways you practice the presence of God? What helps you to keep your focus on Him and your feet on the path He’s chosen for you?

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