My Life, an Emotional Roller Coaster

roller coaster3

When I was young, I used to love a good roller coaster ride. I have no idea why screaming from fright was actually fun. But it was.

That is, until I met a monster roller coaster that should have been named Whiplash. The forward and backward and side to side motion wreaked havoc on my neck, as well as my nerves. Never again!

Unlike me, my husband never has been or never will be caught dead or alive on a roller coaster. But alas, the emotional twists and turns we’ve encountered this past year have tested our fortitude, as well as our faith on a daily basis.

If you’ve kept up with my blog ( in the past, you are aware of our impending move from Westminster, SC to Wilmington, NC to be near our youngest daughter and her family. It will also be a good place for our whole family to gather.

After twenty something moves, we assumed another move would be a stroll on the beach. Not so! Last July, we began on a high note, certain our home would sell immediately. After all, it’s a wonderful neighborhood and a lovely home just the right size for a retired couple. For the past ten years, we’ve enjoyed a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with a daily view of birds feeding in the back yard and cows grazing in the pasture behind our house. There’s also a distant view of the mountains reminding us of an hour’s ride to Highlands, NC—a place we love to visit.

In preparing our home for the market, we cleaned, fixed and prepared every crook and corner of the house and yard. My first major emotional setback occurred when I accidentally got Easy-Off on the hardwood floor in our kitchen and it had to be replaced. I shed many tears over that added expense. However, that was only the beginning.

Seven months later, our house hadn’t sold. Finally, when February brought us a buyer, we were elated. Happily, we began to pack and then sadly we began to unpack. The inspection revealed a moisture problem in the crawlspace and we lost the contract. So we began again to fix and prepare the house to show.

top of Roller-coaster

For 110 days, we vacillated between trusting God and questioning Him. On June 15th, the roller coaster paused at the top of our ride and we reveled in the view of another buyer. Our closing is now set for July 20th. However, we dropped hard and fast when the new inspection revealed more moisture in the crawlspace.

Thankfully, we have assured our buyer it will be fixed, so she apparently still wants our house. As a result, by faith we spent last week in Wilmington looking for a home. That’s another emotional roller coaster ride. After lowering the price of our home, we discovered we would have to lower our expectations on the cost of a new one. It was a stressful week but God once again came through and we’ve put a contract on a wonderful home in a beautiful area. We’re having to downsize even more but a home isn’t made of stuff, is it?

That’s not all, Folks. We are now in the midst of dealing with the man who didn’t fix our crawlspace problem and hiring someone else to do it. Meanwhile, the garage door opener stopped working and we had to have that fixed. From the human viewpoint of good stewardship, none of this makes sense but God’s plans rarely work out the way we think they should. Therefore, we are committed to following His will by confessing our doubts and fears and trusting Him to provide all our needs in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

 For He is our peace, our hope, our past, present and future. And our security is found in Him alone. Webster says the meaning of security is “freedom from anxiety or doubt: confident.”


What does Jesus have to say? “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. . . . So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free (from sin.)” John 8:31-36

We know the truth because we know Him. Each day has brought us challenges to our faith but as we turn over each moment, He continues to set us free from the sins of doubt, worry and fear. Yes, life can sometimes be like a Whiplash roller coaster. But that’s okay because we’re strapped to our seats. And we’re ready for the ride as we trust Him for the ups and downs. All Aboard!

woman on computer

Note: At this time, we still don’t have Internet except on our phone and the data is limited. Also, since we have a few short weeks to pack, I won’t be able to continue my blog. But when we’re settled again, connected to the Internet and the Lord is willing, I will resume my connection with you. Please know I miss sharing life with you. And I’ve missed hearing from you, as well.

If you would like to have our new address, please let me know by commenting or by email, and I will send it to you. Thanks again for riding this roller coaster with me.

18 Responses to “My Life, an Emotional Roller Coaster”
  1. vondaskelton says:

    Yes, a life of following the Lord is never easy…but it’s soooo worth it! Praying for all the details to work out according to His perfect plan!

    • Thanks so much, my sweet friend. We certainly need the prayers. I’m in the library now trying to catch up on email. Our closing has been changed til the 24th. God must have something really wonderful in store for us. Can’t wait to see how all this makes sense!

  2. Yes… please let me have all new digits. We need to be in touch. I loved reading about your
    roller ride with God. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Liz… I DID received your thoughtful call about the surprise Crusade honor last year. and your apologies. I’m not sure why you weren’t contacted either… something slipped mightily through the cracks. We were totally surprised though … couldn’t believe the Vanns, Mike Uno, Soapy, and others were present. We were touched. Anyway… looking forward to your next chapter of life… new house, new neighbors. Love Bonnie

  3. Carol Williams says:

    Please send me the new address. So glad Yall found a place.

    • So glad to hear from you Carol. Our new address is 1105 Greensview Circle, Leland, NC 28451-7452 Y’all plan on coming to Wilmington for a visit and bring your Mom! Love to all, Liz

  4. Audrey Garabadian says:

    Will be praying that all these frustrations are over and that the road ahead will be much, much smoother for you. Please send me the new address.

    • Hi Audrey, It’s so great to hear from you. I think of you often. Thanks for the encouragement and your prayers. Our new address is 1105 Greensview Circle, Leland, NC 28451-7452

  5. Barbara Plachta says:

    I hate that life has thrown you so many curve balls but I am glad that Gods plan is finally starting to work for you & Jay. I would love to stay in touch so please send me your address so we can keep in touch. I would love to visit with you & Jay if we get to Wilmington. Wishing you both the best of everything.
    Love & Prayers,
    Barb & Ray

  6. Elizabeth Hall says:

    Dear Liz!

    I have been wondering about you and whether or not you were still here or if you guys moved! Glad to read your blog and the challenges you’ve faced and your continued faith in the Lord. We will miss you and hope you can come back to the Upstate to visit! Thanks for all of your love, encouragement and prayers for both me and for Louis and our Greenville Team! WE LOVE YOU AND JAY AND WILL MISS YOU GREATLY!!!



  7. Pat Bair says:

    So happy to receive your message…would like your address and receiving your blog..Have several friends in Wilmington…know you will enjoy life there…God does have a plan for all of us…Blessings, Pat

    • Thanks Pat for checking in. If you ever get to Wilmington, please come to see me. Thanks for your encouragement. Our new address is 1105 Greensview Circle, Leland, NC 28451-7452

  8. Melissa Immel says:

    Sorry to hear you are having such a rough road! But North Carolina will be nice…and it will be nice to be near family. Remember, God doesn’t care about money…he just cares about the Faith that Money will produce!

    • Hi Melissa. Good to hear from you and thanks for your encouragement and input. Love you and hope y’all will come for a visit. Our address is 1105 Greensview Circle, Leland, NC 28451-7452

  9. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    I am convinced that all these hurdles are just preparing you for the most incredible blessings ever! After all I have been praying that the Lord would bless you beyond all we could ask or imagine. It is so exciting. That said, the frustrations are there and so also praying for peace, wisdom, and the assurance of all His promises. Love you and can’t wait to visit in NC.

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