Lord, You Make Me Chuckle!


While sorting and packing to move, an interesting picture called Jesus Laughing turned up among our things. My sister had given it to me years ago. But through our many moves, it had gotten stored away.

When the inspector discovered a possible water problem in the crawl space of our house, our buyer wanted out of the contract. As a result, we’ve had to stop everything while we investigate and pursue the solution to our dilemma.

We’re also in the throes of preparing our partially packed house to show again. Meanwhile, the blank wall above Jay’s chest of drawers beckoned. He had already packed his picture of the University of Georgia arches. What would he put there?

You guessed it. Jay decided to place Jesus Laughing above his dresser. What perfect timing! In the midst of an upheaval of our well-laid plans, Jesus appears, laughing. And I’m reminded of a statement we’ve made numerous times over the past few months.

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”


This morning, I had to chuckle as I observed the picture more closely. There he is, a ruggedly handsome bearded man with his head back and mouth open, laughing. His eyes sparkle between the tiny wrinkles that portray a face that’s laughed long, loud and often.

The historical Jesus may not have looked at all like this picture. Yet, somehow I think the artist captured the heart of the Son of God. I love it, don’t you? To think of Jesus laughing makes me smile.

We often take life circumstances much too seriously, don’t we? Especially when we know in our hearts God has a plan far better than ours. If we would only pay attention and laugh with Him.

This morning, I woke up bemoaning the fact that I’ve re-gained most of the weight I lost two years ago. Jay doesn’t understand why I feel I have to go back to Weight Watchers to get it off. Why spend money on something I know how to do myself? I ask myself the same question and begin to berate my weak will.

But then, I opened Jesus Calling for today and read, “It is good that you recognize your weakness. That keeps you looking to Me, your strength.” I had to chuckle.

Yes, it makes me sad when I realize how weak I am in so many areas. And it breaks my heart to realize sometimes I desire my will to eat whatever I want more than I desire God’s will. Obviously, His will is for me to make wise choices and to refrain from loving anything more than I love Him. Do I love food more than God? Pardon the pun, could the proverbial proof be found in the pudding?

Wait just a minute! I think I need to go back and read the previous statement again. “It is good that you recognize your weakness. So you can beat yourself up over it and become even weaker because you’re blaming yourself rather than believing in Me.”

That’s not what it says, is it? It says “(your weakness) keeps you looking to Me, your strength.”

So I chuckle again as I realize God’s love for me is so much greater than my despair over my weaknesses. He wants me to focus on Him and trust Him to make me the person He wants me to be. And then, I will be able to laugh with Him when His plan proves to be soooo much better than mine.

Thank heaven for that! What would our lives be like if we got our way all the time? I’ll answer that with another question. What would our children’s lives be like if they got their way all the time?    

chaos      When I think of the consequences of that scenario, I don’t know whether to chuckle or cry.  Lord, You make me chuckle.”

When you reflect on the way God works in your life, what makes you smile? Or chuckle? Or laugh?

2 Responses to “Lord, You Make Me Chuckle!”
  1. Harriett Salley says:

    you will be upset with me for saying this again but do you think he is saying stay where you are and keep laughing! See you on Thursday at 4;30 HERE AT THE HOUSE! PRAYING FOR CONTEMENT IN YOU DECISIONS! !love, Harriett

  2. Millie Welsh says:

    Great reminder, Mom! I’ve certainly had to choose to see Jesus laughing alongside me as I’ve had all this car chaos and money just running through my fingers like sand! UGH. But His plan is better than mine so the way He chooses to spend HIS money is His choice! I’m with you – gotta choose to laugh or cry! I’m laughing…Love you and appreciate your honest heart, always!

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