Come Dance with Me

couple dancing

If you had the choice, which would you rather do? Sit and rock away your worries in a rocking chair? Or would you rather twirl them away on a dance floor?

As Vance Havner once said, “Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Over the years, I’ve taken great pride in the claim that I’m not naturally a worrier. In fact, there are times I’ve expressed my optimism to a fault.

Unlike me, my mother considered worry a duty. One day, when she was expressing her many “concerns,” I responded with what I thought was wisdom for the moment. “Mother, you do realize the Bible says worry is a sin, don’t you?”

Astonished, my precious mother looked at me and said, “But you’re supposed to worry about your children.” For once, I was at a loss for words, which was probably a good thing.

Proverbs 16:18 warns us that pride goes before the fall. Well, my friend I have a confession to make. A little over a week ago, I fell hard! And for the next few days, I was trapped in my own web of unbridled worry.

As you may know, my husband and I are planning to move to Wilmington, N.C. Our house has been on the market since July. So, you can imagine our excitement when we finally received an offer.

After settling on the price, the closing date was set for March 13th. That didn’t leave us much time but we were willing to make the necessary concessions.

Road closed sign

And then everything went awry. To our surprise and dismay, when the inspector went into the crawl space under our house, he discovered water damage. Without further investigation, there was no way of knowing what caused it or the extent of the problem.

As a result, we signed an agreement to release the buyer from the contract. That day, a black cloud descended upon my psyche. Unfortunately, I allowed it to rob me of my optimism, as well as my grateful heart.

The prospects are daunting. What and how bad is the damage? How long will it take to find the problem? And then, will we be able to guarantee it’s fixed? How can prepare our partially packed house to show again? How can we possibly have the energy to start the whole process over?

For awhile, Jay and I were both on the verge of tears. My husband’s favorite saying is that Christians don’t have problems. Rather, we have opportunities to trust God. But what do we do when our emotions are unable to catch up to what we know to be true?

We have a choice. We can choose to trust God for our circumstances. And we can choose to thank Him for His promise to work everything together for His purpose and our good. 

(I Thessalonians 5:18 and Romans 8:28)

Or, we can choose to worry. I chose to worry. I don’t think it was a conscious choice but I suppose I allowed my weariness to overcome my faith. A lack of faith always leads to worry and negative thinking. 

The truth is I am as prone to worry as anyone. However, I find it easier to trust God for my future than to rest in Him in the midst of difficult circumstances.

How about you? How do you respond to worry? I’m pretty sure a rocking chair is not the solution. Yet, I firmly believe God wants us to be free from worry. Why? So we can enjoy His presence and understand His will for our lives. How do we do this?

We can refuse to worry and choose to dance with God. He has invited us into His kingdom and dressed us in the finest of clothes. All so we can enjoy His banquet of blessings, regardless of our circumstances.

Are we going to let the joy of His presence pass just because life doesn’t always work out the way we planned? Are we going to sit out our dance with God and become wall flower worriers?

Are you and I willing to consider our present worries as opportunities to experience great joy? James 1:2-4 tells us our faith will be tested when we choose joy over worry. But when we allow God to lead the dance, we will pass the test. Worry stifles our spiritual growth. But faith gives our endurance the chance to grow. And that’s how we mature spiritually.

kings throne

After three days of worrying, I decided I’d rather dance with God than fret about my circumstances. So, I boldly went before my King and asked Him to dance with me. On March 6, I wrote this in my devotional journal.

Lord, come and dance with me. I’m tired of taking the lead. The truth is I love it when you lead me across the floor of life. I feel secure when you hold me close enough to assure me of your presence and your strength. The twists, the turns and the dips don’t scare me. Rather, I’m exhilarated by the thrill of the dance. When you speak your words in my ear, I begin to believe you love to dance with me as much as I love dancing with you. Therefore, I rest in your arms as I submit to the firmness of your hand upon my back, guiding me, protecting me from falling. I delight in your wisdom and in the creativity of your Spirit’s moves in my life. I thank you that you truly are in control of my present, as well as my future. Lord, you are my heart’s desire and I look forward to every move you make on my behalf. Lead me on, Lord. Lead me now, tomorrow and beyond—until that day when you lead me safely home. And there we’ll dance forever on Heaven’s dance floor. Lord, Come Dance with Me.”

Dance with me forever

Would you like for God to dance with you? If so, you can come boldly before His throne of grace. He’s waiting to take you in His arms and dance your troubles away. What do you need to do to prepare yourself for the dance?

P.S. When we thought we were leaving our house in a few days, I canceled our Internet. So we won’t have it again until we get settled in Wilmington. I will send and receive emails from my phone and from our daughter’s house. But I’ll be busy packing and finding a house in Wilmington. Therefore, I’m going to take a break from posting on my blog for awhile. I’ll try to stay in touch and let you know when and where we’re moving to. A lots of variables I know. Oh well, such is life, right? Pray we’ll remember to dance through it all.

5 Responses to “Come Dance with Me”
  1. abigailpayne97 says:

    Beautiful post, Mo! Words I definitely needed to hear and be reminded of. Look up the song “We Dance” by Bethel Music when you have a chance…it perfectly matches your journal entry!
    Love you so much! And I’m praying for you and Pop Pop. ❤️

    • Thanks sweet granddaughter for your interest and comment on my post. I will definitely look up the song. We love you and appreciate so much your praying for us. And we definitely are doing the same for you!

  2. Harriett Salley says:

    WHAT A FASATATINGSTORY OF THE DANCE! YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER OR IS IT G0D”s pin you are using or maybe he is dictating~~~~~ I think you have the inside track!and according to you we can have it too!!!! Love. Harriett

  3. Kathy Biedenharn says:

    Your prayer is absolutely beautiful! A keeper! I hope your water issue is minimal.

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