Why do Great Men Fall? An Easter Message


It was Easter morning and the sun shone brightly over the gathering crowd. No, it wasn’t Jesus’ followers coming to witness an empty tomb. But it could have been.

A number of years ago, our friends took us to the Easter service at their church in their city. The air in the stadium bristled with anticipation. But there would be no football that day. In droves, people rallied to celebrate the resurrection of the One who loved them enough to die for them.

God had touched their hearts and changed their lives through the ministry of this particular church.  After hearing their pastor speak, we understood why the congregation was growing by leaps and bounds. God had gifted this man to influence people for Christ with his applicable, relevant and timely preaching.

A few weeks ago, we attended the church again. Imagine this: approximately 5,000 people on a Wednesday night! As usual, we left the service inspired and excited to see firsthand what God was doing in the lives of so many people.   

Last week, we received the shock of a lifetime. After many years of service, this pastor has stepped down due to moral failure. My heart aches for our friend, as well as for the other 20,000 members of this church. I’m sure everyone is devastated and some disillusioned beyond repair. What a tragedy for the whole body of Christ, for this specific church, but especially for this pastor and his family.

Why do great men fall? For the same reason anyone falls, regardless of who we are. At Easter, we reflect on the fact that Jesus went to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. And yet, this side of heaven, we will continue to struggle with a propensity to sin. How, then, are we to live in a fallen world and not fall ourselves?


Perhaps it will help us to focus not on why we sin, but how to appropriate the power not to sin. Strong’s Concordance of the Bible says the word for resurrection means “a moral recovery of a spiritual truth.”  

When sin entered our world, spiritual truth died in the hearts of mankind. But when God sent His Son into our world, a phenomenal thing happened. Jesus took on the form of man, except for one big difference. He lived His life without sin, something only God could do. He suffered and was willingly crucified. Something only God would do. And His resurrection made it possible for His Spirit to live in and through us. Something only God did do. And because He lives in us, we have everything we need to live Godly lives.

But God didn’t create robots. Only a dictator would do that. God created us with a will, with which we are free to make choices concerning our relationship with Him. Only a powerful God with a big heart would dare do that.

Why then do so many great men fall? Because there are no great men at the foot of the cross. (or women, for that matter) Only broken ones.

Sadly, our world is in moral decline. As believers, we have a choice to make. Are we going to participate in the decline or take part in the solution?

how to 2

  1. By refusing to depend upon our own goodness, gifts or strength in our daily lives and endeavors.
  2. By keeping short accounts with God concerning our sin.
  3. By choosing to be aware of God’s presence in us by living moment by moment in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. By personally applying God’s truth concerning our sin, God’s forgiveness and our access to His resurrection power in our lives.

women agreeing

Let’s agree to sharpen our focus this Easter. On Friday, let’s meet at the foot of the cross and thank God for His forgiveness of our sins. And when Sunday comes, let’s arise from the ashes and celebrate the fact that we have the power within us to deal with and overcome sin. And until He comes again, let’s join Paul in his declaration of the resurrected life.

 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

 He has risen! He has risen, indeed! And because He lives within us, we can face all our tomorrows not somehow, but triumphantly.



Note: Before you leave this page, will you please pause and pray for restoration and healing for this pastor and his family? And pray also for healing in the life of his church family. Thanks!













5 Responses to “Why do Great Men Fall? An Easter Message”
  1. vondaskelton says:

    So sad, Liz. So sad. I’m praying now for this man, his family, and his church.

  2. Harriett Salley says:


    • I agree with you and pray that God will still do a mighty work in his heart and life. God doesn’t waste anything, especially in His children. Although this is painful for everyone involved, especially the pastor, God will work it for good. We can know that. Thankfully, we can never fall too far for God to lift us up and pull us back.

      Love you, my friend

  3. Toni Williams says:

    Thank you, dear Liz, for these beautiful words. God is doing a mighty work in our church and it is increasingly stronger in Him. We KNOW He will work this for His & our good and for His glory! He brings beauty out of ashes and we trust Him for this not only in our church, but in our dear pastor’s life as well.
    Love you, Toni

  4. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    I’ll be praying for him, his family and the chuch. I am reminded of David. Part of my daily prayers for myself is for the Spirit to create in me a heart like David’s, known for seeking and loving the Lord and being loved by the Lord, yet, David sinned in BIG ways on our scale of sins, murder, adultry, to name two we know of. David sinned, turned from his sin, repented, cried out to the Lord and the Lord loved him and called him a man after his own heart. What an example of unconditional love, forgiveness, healing and restoration. Prayfully, this man will seek after forgiveness and restoration. Thanks for sharing, it is always so sad to hear that people have fallen but what a reminder that no one is immune and we all fall (furtunately for us, everyone doesn’t know about it. 🙂 )

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