Cheese Grits – Best Ever

tabasco sauce

I recently saw a cartoon I think you’ll like. Question concerning an older couple: How long have they been married?” Answer: “Long enough to be on their second bottle of Tabasco Sauce.” I love that. In September, we’ll have been married for 55 years. Hmmm. I wonder if I still have the same bottle of Tabasco.  

Here’s another winner from our family week-end. Voted best ever and proved by those who don’t normally eat grits.

Cheese Grits – Best Ever  serves 6-8                   cheese grits 2

Recipe from Southern Sideboards, which is the Junior League of Jackson, Mississippi’s cookbook, via Katie Ray. 


7 c water
2 c quick (not instant) grits
4 eggs
½ c milk
2 sticks butter, melted
12 oz sharp cheddar cheese, grated or cut into cubes
~1 tsp garlic powder
Dash of Tabasco

Salt boiling water, add grits. Cook until they’re done, around 7-8 min. Stir in butter, eggs, milk, and cheese. Stir in garlic and Tabasco. Pour into greased 9 x 13 Pyrex, and cook at 350 for roughly an hour. Cover with foil if they start browning too much on the top.

Serve hot/warm, and cool before refrigerating or freezing any leftovers.

2 Responses to “Cheese Grits – Best Ever”
  1. LetmebeRae says:

    lol that’s a good way to explain it with the hot sauce. Congrats in advance on your anniversary! I’ll keep this recipe in mind btw!

  2. Wow, Liz — 55 years! Congratulations! And thanks for the recipe. Cheese grits are a FAVORITE 🙂

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