Three Years and Running – But Where and Why?

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This month marks a truly miraculous milestone. In August, 2010, I launched this blog. It’s miraculous because I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I introduced my first post with this disclaimer:

“Thanks for checking out my very first blog.  This is a test to see if a technically challenged grandmother can pull off such a thing.”

My computer guru and ever so patient friend Claire helped me get started. And now, 316 posts later, I’ve progressed to this disclaimer:

I’m still a technically challenged grandmother. The difference is I now know enough to be dangerous.

Somehow, by God’s amazing grace, Devos and Dumplings has been up and running for three years. I have no idea if and when the well might run dry. I’ll admit I often struggle over what to write and whether it’s worthy of your time or mine.

You may be thinking: Woman, if it’s such a struggle, why do it? Would you believe I’ve been thinking the same thing? Now, you’re probably thinking this woman needs therapy. Bingo! You’re right again.

Therefore, I’ve decided it’s time for a DTR (define the relationship) session. I need to define my relationship with this blog. The only way I know to do this is to evaluate where I hope to go with it and why I’m writing it in the first place.

two friends

I hope you don’t mind sitting in on my therapy session.  By the way, feel free to share any input you may have.

Therapist: Where do you hope to go with Devos and Dumplings?

Years ago, someone encouraged me to identify my life purpose. I decided the prevailing theme of my life would simply be to know God and to make Him known.

Simply said, not so simply done. The Greek word to describe knowing God means to perceive or understand Him. In order to know God, one must maintain a consistent and ongoing intimacy with Him. How do we do this? The only way to tune into God’s heart is to spend time in His Word and to live moment-by-moment in the power of His Spirit. This involves a steady diet of faith and obedience.

Pursuing a blog fits into my life purpose. How? It helps me focus on God and His  Word in order to gain His wisdom on issues we all deal with.

If it’s God’s will, where do I hope to go with the blog? From His heart to mine and into the hearts of those He wants to reach with His transforming love. I’m well aware Devos and Dumplings is not an end unto itself. It’s merely a channel through which God can pour His blessings. There’s only one way this will ever happen.

Oswald Chambers said it well. “Gather your material carefully, and then allow God to ‘set your words on fire’ for His glory.”

  • Therapist: Considering the struggles, the time and the effort, why do you pursue blogging?

First reason: . . . To know Him and His will. . . . So far, God hasn’t given me permission not do it. Instead, He continues to give me the desire and the words, as well the ability to overcome the challenges. It doesn’t always come quickly or easily. But the Lord is faithful, even when I’m not. And He continues to remind me of His promise to complete what He has begun in me. (Philippians 1:6)

Second reason: . . .To make Him known. . . .  Concerning this aspect, the verse I aspire to is Isaiah 50:4 “The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.” 

Mind you, this is an aspiration, not an accomplishment. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. But my desire is to do the following:

  • Submit to the sovereignty of the Lord.
  • Learn from Him words that will encourage and sustain the weary.
  • To waken morning by morning ready to listen as one being taught

End of session: Devos and Dumplings – Three years and running. And now you know the where and why.

Thanks for joining me. Please pray with me for God’s direction concerning this blog. And I’d love for you to leave a comment to let me know how to pray for you.

friends praying

15 Responses to “Three Years and Running – But Where and Why?”
  1. harriett salley says:


    • Thanks, sweet friend, for egging me on with your encouragement and input. And thanks for the reminder that God will continue to provide me with the stamina, as well as the opportunity to take breaks. What would I do without you?

  2. Millie says:

    I agree with Harriett – especially that she”yelled” her whole comment!! 😉 Mom – the outlet the blog provides for you is an inlet for others to experience not only a Godly woman, but also her God!!!! Stay the course!!!

    • I guess I need a good yelling to every now and then to keep me on track. You’re right this is an outlet for me to share with others what God has done in my life and what He’s teaching me. That’s what I love doing more than anything else. Couldn’t do this without your input and encouragement. Love you, Mom

  3. clairemuzal says:

    I’m so proud of you, Liz! You do inspire me!

  4. Elaine & Eliot Smith says:

    Hi Liz Very inspirational…..wonderful blog…..congratulations…..and praise the Lord for He is working wonderful things in you. love, elaine

    • Thanks, dear friend for your encouraging words. I’m so glad God brought y’all into our lives after your having gone to high school with Jay. Who would have dreamed we’d all be together today as friends in Christ. God is so good!!!!

  5. Mary Beth says:

    Absolutely stay the course. Your vulnerability, love, and faithfulness are allowing the Lord to reach out to more people than you probably realize. Besides, I have said it before and I will say it again, it gives an opportunity to spend time with you accross the miles. May the Lord keep speaking and may you keep keep sharing. Love you!

    • Thanks for reminding me that God can use me, in spite of myself. 🙂 I love knowing you’re so faithful in always spending time with me on the other side of my computer. I appreciate your continual prayers concerning this crazy journey I’m on. And thanks for traveling with me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do it without you.

  6. JuneBurson says:

    Liz, I’ve come to love you through your blog. Keep them coming. May God continue to use you.x

    • Thanks so much, June, for your comment. You have no idea how much your encouraging words mean to me. My desire is to connect heart to heart with my readers and to share God’s love with each one. So again, I say thanks for expressing such sweet sentiment and friendship. I love you back, my online friend.

  7. Nora B. says:

    Dear Liz, I am sorry that I am always late in my responses because I wait for that dreamy “quiet moment” that is so rare here on earth. But. I want you to know that your blog has enormous significance for me Liz. I do not have a “spiritual momma” here in town—YOU are that person for me and I lean heavily on your blog and am very grateful to you for the work you pour into it and the journey you take to receive the words. (The recipes are great as well)

    • Thank you so much, Nora for sharing your heart with me. I feel the same way about you and only wish we lived closer to one another. I miss our heart to heart talks. Believe me, you’ve ministered to me in so many ways. Can’t wait to spend eternity in heaven together. Won’t that be wonderful? No time or distance boundaries. Wow!

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