Face Time with God – Pt. 4, From Introduction to Intimacy

Moses in the bulrushes

Remember Moses? He’s the guy who met God in what turned out to be the defining moment of his life. As for God, His eye had been on Moses long before the burning bush incident.

From the birth canal to the bulrushes to the back side of the desert, God protected and prepared Moses to be the leader of His people. Do you know how long it took for God to introduce Himself to Moses? Eighty years!

You may not be old enough for that to astound you. But I am. This tells me two things: *One, God is a whole lot more patient than me. And two, it’s never too late to respond to God’s defining moments in our lives. Regardless of our age.

Every face time we have with God is a defining moment. And it all begins with His introducing Himself to us. For me, that was 46 years ago. Talk about God’s patience! All those years of knowing God, and I still get confused as to who He really is.


There are times when I’m in a desert of my own making. This happens when I become too busy, too distracted or too lazy to spend face time with God. I suppose it’s difficult to have face time with an erratic target, even for God.

When I don’t make a conscious effort to spend time with Him, I become almost paranoid. I begin to focus on myself, my failures and my weaknesses. And then I forget who God is. I forget He’s all loving, all forgiving and full of grace. Do you know what happens next? I become dissatisfied with myself, my life and yes, even God. 

When I get like this, I tend to stew about my condition. And sometimes, I work hard trying to redeem my situation. And yet, I’ve learned there’s only one way to rise up and out of this kind of funk. It’s very basic; it’s really easy and it actually works. What is it? Face Time with God. Intimacy with God.

How do we move from our introduction to God to enjoying intimacy with Him? We fix our eyes on Jesus, confess our self-sufficiency and immerse ourselves in God’s Word. Anytime we focus fully on God, we are intimately consumed with Him.

The introduction begins our relationship with God. Intimacy sustains it. It’s not a matter of doing more or trying harder. The doing comes after the being. It’s the being that glorifies God. The doing is our love offering back to Him for the privilege of being in His presence.

An old song tells us to turn our eyes upon Jesus. It is true. When we have face time with God, the struggles of life do “grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”

studying Bible

How about you? Like me, do you sometimes need to be reminded who God is and how willing He is to meet us where we are, face to face? If so, what kinds of things does He help to grow strangely dim for you?

7 Responses to “Face Time with God – Pt. 4, From Introduction to Intimacy”
  1. Abigail Payne says:

    I LOVE this, and definitely needed it today!

    • Abigail, Thanks so much for commenting, my precious granddaughter. You made my week, sweet one! I’m glad my post was helpful to you. I’m so proud of the Godly young woman you’ve become. We’re so blessed to have you in our lives! Love you, Mo

  2. Oh wow, Liz. Loved this: “When I don’t make a conscious effort to spend time with Him, I become almost paranoid.” ME TOO. I never stopped to think about it, but that’s exactly how I feel!
    Whew, that’s the time to slow down and spend a few minutes with Him.

    • Thanks Susan for your encouragement. I guess there are a lot of us in the same boat, right? That’s why God gives us to one another to love and encourage each other. I appreciate you.

  3. Christen says:

    I am loving your face time series. So easy to get distracted in life and neglect the most important part of who we are. The Lord is so gracious to reveal Himself to us. Intentional focus on who He is and what He’s done leads to greater love and appreciation. A satisfied life!
    Love you!!

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Just had some Facetime, can’t help but feel that it is also time shared with you, love that! Love you, Mary Beth

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