My Last Post for a While: A Prayer for You plus a Recipe for Joy

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed as we prepare for our ministry trip to Poland. Therefore, I’ve decided to make this my last scheduled post for a while. I’ve written a prayer just for you, and my recipe for the week offers food for thought versus food for the palate. No calories but something you and I both desperately need. An energizing and abiding JOY that remains steadfast, regardless of our circumstances.

                     My prayer for you: May the Lord energize you when you get tired. May He renew your strength when you’re ready to quit. When you put your hope in Him may He spread your wings and enable you to soar like an eagle. May you run and not get weary and walk and not be weak. Meanwhile, may your days be filled with a joy made complete by God’s grace in the midst of your struggles, as well as your victories. (Isaiah 40:29-31; John 15:9-11)


  • Count your blessings and stir until blended with a full cup of gratitude. (EzekieI 34:216, Thessalonians 5:18)
  • Consider your trials joyfully by sprinkling them thoroughly with faith. (James 1:2)                     
  • Claim your inheritance and your place in eternity with assurance. (I Peter 1:3-5)
  1. Mix well every morning until joy rises to the top.      
  2. Share with everyone throughout the day.
  3. The more you dole it out, the more it multiplies.                                                                                                      
  4. Hoard or hide it and it loses its savor.  
  5. EnJOY!  

    In My Utmost for His Highest (updated edition), Oswald Chambers reminds us “the first thing that will hinder our joy is the subtle irritability caused by giving too much thought to our circumstances.”

A life of joy isn’t difficult. It comes supernaturally natural to one who is completely surrendered to God. Chambers encourages us to “be a fountain through which Jesus can pour His ‘living water. . . A person who has the right relationship with God lives a life as natural as breathing wherever he goes.”


NOTE: If I have the time and opportunity to post while we’re away, I’ll let you know how things are going. If not, I’ll miss connecting with you. Don’t forget to pray for us and I’ll pray for you, as well. I have an idea! Leave a comment or send me an email and let me know how you want me to pray specifically for you.

My parting advice: And it’s free!  Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, “OH NO . . . SHE’S UP!” And everyone else says, “Yea! She’s up!

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12 Responses to “My Last Post for a While: A Prayer for You plus a Recipe for Joy”
  1. What an absolute joy to read your last post for a while. My heart is touched that at a time when many are hanging up their work clothes and heading to the rocking chair, you are setting out on a new adventure with the Father! You are an encouragement to me as my husband fully retires this fall. I pray this will be a time of new awakening for him as he finally has more time to reach out to others. There’s no better way to spend our days than to do the Kingdom’s work!

    I pray God’s richest blessings as you bless others through ministry. May His grace and peace be yours in abundance…

    • Thanks Vonda for your encouragement and input. I have no doubt God is going to use you and your husband in phenomenal ways. I’m sure He already is. And you’re so right there is no better way to spend our days than to do the Kingdom’s work. And no greater joy, right?


  2. csgbaker says:

    Liz, I so enjoyed this post. God bless you for not only hearing the call to go to Poland, but for following it. Please give Sue a hug for me when you arrive. God bless you! Praying for you all….

    • Thanks, friend. I appreciate your comment, encouragement and prayers. I’ll look forward to catching up with you when we get back. Maybe we can have another lunch together. That was so fun. Tell everyone hello and not to forget to pray. 🙂


  3. Liz, praying for you as you follow God’s leading. Can’t wait to hear about the wonderful things you will experience and the ways God will use you. When you can, keep in touch. We would love to know how to pray for you when you need us to!
    Beth Fortune

  4. Sue Carter Stout says:

    I know you and your husband will make a great contribution to the effort of spreading the gospel. I’ll be praying.

  5. Praying for you, Liz! So excited for this time in your lives and, like Vonda, so impressed and inspired by your adventuresome spirit!!

    I’d love prayer for focus and direction as I write a study on Judges.
    You’re a treasure. Hugs from VA 🙂

  6. says:

    Dear Elizabeth,   Good luck to you and Welsh in Poland. God will be with you to protect and guide you. God also will take care of your family here at home, every thing will be fine. As you have been kind to strangers at home, people in Poland will be kind to you, expect that.   May God bless you always!   Caritas


    • Thanks, Caritas for your comment. I was so glad to hear from you and we appreciate your prayers.
      I hope all is well with your family. We’d love to see you and catch up. Maybe we can if we can plan a trip to New York in the future. Better yet, you could come to see us here! We’d love that.

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