Memories and Milestones – A Tribute to Graduates

What does the month of May mean to you? Besides flowers, spring fever and incessant sneezing. For graduating seniors, the month of May ushers in a time of relief, celebration and anticipation. And yes, there’s a certain level of stress. The mad rush to get everything done can take its toll. But all in all, it’s an exciting time. And for many of us, it’s a nostalgic time. I still get teary every time I hear Pomp and Circumstance.

(The Beck family: Tim, Lollie, Amanda and Bethany)

 This month has been an especially poignant one for us. Our oldest granddaughter Amanda recently graduated from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, Ga. As true of any college graduate, she’s worked hard and persevered through her share of challenges. Amanda, you weren’t the only one beaming that day. Your grandparents were so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished.


                                                                              (Tyler Family: Brad, Haley, Lisa, Curtis and Jackson)     

Our grandson, Curtis will soon graduate from West Oak High School. In the fall, he’ll be playing football for Wheaton College, his Aunt Mary Beth’s alma mater.  As salutatorian, Curtis will have the honor of speaking at graduation. No doubt we’ll need another set of buttons to pop on his big day.

Amanda and Curtis, I hope you’ll allow me the privilege of sharing with you my tribute to graduates. Our accolades and prayers go with you as you embark on the future God has for you. Congratulations to each of you for a job well done!

My Tribute to Graduates:

Graduation is a time for storing memories and measuring milestones. You will always treasure the memories of fun times with special friends over the past twelve years. And when you hurl your caps into the air, remember your family and teachers who’ve supported you along the way. This is a great milestone for you, but it’s only the beginning. You have much to look forward to as you anticipate the milestones that await you in the future.

I hope you’ll consider the following road map for life after graduation. I can promise you it will lead you in the right direction and prove to make your memories and milestones especially meaningful.

  1. Follow God, for He has already mapped out your future. Continually ask Him for wisdom as you pursue the special path He has for you. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge promotes arrogance. You will need wisdom to apply your acquired knowledge toward making a difference in your world. Life is made up of choices. I appeal to your desire for a bright future. Choose to follow God and seek His wisdom first and He will provide everything you need.
  1. Follow your heart. Pursue a higher calling than a mere daily existence. King Solomon had a great task ahead of him so he asked God to give him an understanding heart so he could discern between good and evil and understand justice. Whatever you do in life, develop an understanding heart and a discerning spirit. Then make choices you know in your heart to be wise. Why should you follow your heart?  Because from the heart that follows God flow the springs of life.
  1. Follow your dream. Ask God to form your dream and then go for it! Pursue your aspirations with dedication and faith. Whatever you decide to do, serve from the heart and not mere duty. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Instead, become the person you really want to be. Whatever you decide to do in life, use your God given gifts and talents to follow your dream, for a fulfilled dream brings great reward.

The direction you take and whom you follow on the road of life will determine your destiny. Choose now to follow God, follow your heart, and follow your dream. Your decision will serve you well.

One last tidbit: In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Live well, laugh often, and love much. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s good timeless advice.

. . . . .

In closing, I leave this reminder with not only the graduates but to everyone who reads these words. As our granddaughter Haley taught me, YOLO! For those of you who don’t have grandkids to keep you savvy, I’ll tell you what it means. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! As I said to Haley, that’s true; we only live once, this side of heaven.

Isn’t it refreshing to know when we graduate from this earth, we’ll live FOREVER? That’s the best graduation message of all, don’t you think?

4 Responses to “Memories and Milestones – A Tribute to Graduates”
  1. Congrats, Liz! You should be very proud. We get to go to a West Point graduation this weekend, so we’re gearing up for that. Sarah’s boyfriend is graduating, and I’m sure I’ll be weepy!

  2. Kim Marshall says:

    Hey Liz- I read your tribute to graduates and was blessed:). We had a graduation this month too. Our youngest graduated from Clemson. Special times:) Much to celebrate:). New beginnings. I think your blog is wonderful. You are a blessing!! Love you sweet friend:).

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