Raw Deals and Real Blessings

Perception is not necessarily 20/20. We’ve all encountered unfair treatment along the way. Perhaps you’ve gotten a raw deal due to circumstances, inequity or a seemingly diabolical twist of so-called fate. Or you may have gotten a raw deal due to someone’s selfishness at your expense. Is it possible what seems like a raw deal may be a blessing in disguise?

Such was the case in the Old Testament account of Abram and his nephew, Lot. The Lord told Abram to leave his country, his people and his father’s household. God promised He would show Abram where to go and would make him the father of many nations.

Abram and Lot left Haran and set out with their families toward Canaan. When they arrived there, the Lord appeared to Abram and told him, “To your offspring I will give this land.”  

The two families continued to move about with their flocks, herds and tents. But their possessions were so great the land could not support them while they stayed together. A dispute broke out among the herdsmen.  Abram didn’t want to quarrel with Lot for he loved him like a brother. So, he offered all the land for Lot to choose from, and he would take what remained.

      Lot looked long and hard at the whole Jordan valley. As a result, he chose the most fertile and most beautiful land for himself.  Unfortunately, Lot’s selfishness landed him in Sodom. In the end, he lost everything but his life when God demolished the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness.

Meanwhile, Abram trusted in God’s promise and settled in the land of Canaan. From the human perspective, he did the right thing and as a result, got the “left-overs.” Raw deal, right? Take heart! God’s promise and plan were still intact.

After Lot left, the Lord spoke to Abram, promising all of the land he could see toward every direction. God said to Abram, “Go and walk through the land, for I am giving it to you.”

The land was God’s gift to Abram as a permanent possession. His descendants would be like the “dust of the earth,” impossible to count.

When Abram settled, he built an altar and worshipped God. The Lord had rewarded his faith with blessings far beyond the comprehension of human perspective. What about Lot? God’s grace abounds even when we make terrible mistakes. God rescued Lot for he was “a righteous man who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men.” II Peter 2:7 And how about this good news for today?  “if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials….”  II Peter 2: 9a

Perception is not necessarily 20/20. Just when we think we’ve gotten a raw deal, God turns it into a blessing. And just when our trials are at their worst, the Lord rescues us.

       Why do you suppose God uses misfortune as the path to blessings? Could it be His way of teaching us difficult life lessons and building strong character? Chew on that for a while and perhaps you’ll find your deal not so raw after all.


6 Responses to “Raw Deals and Real Blessings”
  1. Renee Thiebaud says:

    Liz, what a FABULOUS lesson today!!!! Thank you for sharing with us week after week. You are a “REAL BLESSING”.

    Love, Renee

  2. Love this, LIz. And yes, sometimes the path to our blessing is paved with stones of misfortune.

    • Thanks for checking in, Susan. It’s not always easy to remember that when we’re in the middle of the raw deal, is it? But God’s grace is always sufficient to bring us through it.

  3. Maureen Wade says:

    Wow…God’s timing (and yours) is amazing! I can’t believe you posted this yesterday just an hour or so before I got “the” call. I know God has got this situation under control and I just need to cling to 2Peter’s promise that the Lord knows how to rescue godly men. Thanks for the reminder!

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