Help, I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up!

We’ve all seen the commercial ad infinitum. A lady falls down the steps, can’t get up and has no way to call for help. If only she’d had the little gizmo around her neck to buzz for help.

When told about a suggested service, she protests with “But that’s for old people.” Meanwhile, her loving daughter smiles and pats her hand. She doesn’t say, “Mom, you are old.” But she does make sure her mother has access to help when she needs it.

Old is relative and so is need. This morning, I feel as if I’ve fallen and can’t get up. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. I’m now settled at my desk with my Bible. But I can’t focus. My thoughts are chasing rabbits through my hopeless wanderings. Where’s my gizmo when I need it? What button do I push for help?

I question God and myself about my writing. Right now, I feel as if I can’t put six words together that make sense. How do I dredge up the resources and the will to write my post this week? And what about the weeks to come and any other potential projects? What if I permanently run out of words, as well as ideas?

I want to quit, but quitting scares me more than trying. I’ve fallen and can’t get up. And I can’t see anything with my face in the dirt. As the Psalmist of old cried, so do I. From whence comes my help? And then help comes. There’s one good thing about falling and not being be able to get up. When you’re on the ground, there’s only one way to look, and that is up. So I do just that. I look up and find help from Psalm 121.

Here’s what I learned. When you need help:

  • Lift your eyes to the hills, God’s creation. (v. 1)
  • Look to the Lord of creation for help. (v. 2)
  • Look to His promises to protect you and watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. (v. 3-8)

The Hebrew word for help means to surround, to protect. When you’ve fallen and feel as if you’re missing in action, take heart. The Lord is on the ground with you. He surrounds you with His loving arms and waits for you to look up for help. Meanwhile, remember the words of the prophet Isaiah. (40:26)

“Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.”  And neither are you!

16 Responses to “Help, I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up!”
  1. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    Thank you for your vulnerability and allowing God to teach us through all He teaches you. What a blessing as for having no words – well said. Love you.

    • Thanks for checking in and for your encouragement. It’s easy to doubt myself when I’ve been vulnerable. So thanks for confirming I did the right thing by sharing it. Love you back, Mom

  2. Cathy VanDyke says:

    There are days I do feel like I have fallen and can’t get up but I will remind myself to look around and see beyond the dirt. There is so much to see. I love what I read tonight. It is so encouraging.

  3. Lollie beck says:

    Touched my heart! I love you so much. You are precious, words or no words…the words are just a bonus. God uses your heart!

  4. Sandy aasen says:

    I really enjoyed this devotion! I guess I’ve already read it three times now and probably will again.
    I identify with having been down on the ground and having no where to look but up and I can testify that it works!!! (and I’m trying to get my 88 year old parents to get a gizzmo!) Thanks, Liz!

  5. Lisa Tyler says:

    Mom, thanks for putting yourself out there for us to use your wisdom when we have fallen…sometimes I feel like my face is so dirty and I can barely see through the dirt to even attempt to look up! The great thing is, God doesn’t only asnwer when we look up, but He will even “clean” the dirt out of my eyes so that I can see Him!! Praise the Lord! I love you mom and and we are all so blessed by your endless words of wisdom.

    • Thanks, dear daughter #5. You’re right. God has to get to our hearts before we’ll even look up, doesn’t He? I love you and your sisters so much. God has used you all in my life in ways you can’t possibly understand this side of heaven. Mom

  6. Maureen Wade says:

    Even with your face in the dirt you’ve reminded us of something wonderful…the Lord is always there waiting for us to look up. I’m sorry you had to fall in order to send us this message, but I do know that it was all God’s doing for a much bigger purpose, and I’ve been blessed because of it!

  7. Harriett Salley says:

    Did you catch this from me? I, like you, have found solace in scripture, and the Lenten reading, and constant prayer. It works! Could be God send us Spring Fever to get us to rest, and get back in touch with him. Hang in there!!! Love, Harriett

  8. Love this, Liz. Thanks for the reminder to look up. Ps 121 has always been a favorite!

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