For the Love of Children, Biological and Otherwise!


By Monday morning, I’ve usually completed the rough draft of my weekly devo. Alas, when I went to bed last night, I had nothing. It’s truly a miracle, this blog. By God’s grace, I’ve been able to post every week (except for planned breaks) for the past year and a half. God continues to amaze my undisciplined self with His faithfulness.

Still, almost every week I experience a crisis of faith. What if God doesn’t come through this time? What if I can’t think of anything to write? What if the well runs dry and I can’t do the blog anymore?

This morning, I woke up in the dark—literally and figuratively. Some mornings, I wake up with a creative idea and the motivation to pursue it. Not today. I lay in the bed praying and thinking. Finally, I gave up the warm blanket for my desk chair. Switching on the lamp, I asked God to shed light in my foggy brain.

I like to spend quality time with God before I write. So, I decided I would read today’s devotion from My Utmost for His Highest. Next, I planned to finish my Beth Moore Bible study lesson for this week. By then, perhaps God would inspire me to write this week’s post.

That was my plan. But then God showed up with His plan. The phone rang and Jay came in and announced we had an emergency. Brad had called to tell us Lisa had been up all night throwing up. He had taken her to the ER around 5:00. They’d stabilized her with fluids and nausea medicine. However, she didn’t feel well enough to go home. With a number of surgeries scheduled, Brad needed someone to stay with her.

In the emergency room, I found our listless daughter lying there, pale and nauseous. She looked and obviously felt miserable. I sat next to her as she jerked restlessly while trying to sleep.

In between giving her sips of ginger ale, I worked on my Bible study. By the way, it “happened” to be about God’s gifts to us over the years. God’s gifts really do come in all shapes and forms. Interestingly, some are more recognizable as gifts than others.  

When Brad came, he assured me it was a virus. Unfortunately, these things always hit Lisa harder than anyone else. Our dear son-in-law was well aware of this when he married her. His first clue was when she brought him home from Baylor to meet us. She spent the whole week-end sick in bed while Brad visited with us. While enjoying their honeymoon in London, the bug hit again.  As a result, Brad spent much of their time nursing his new wife.

The “gift” of opportunities to trust God keeps on giving. In time, Lisa felt well enough for me to drive her home and get her settled in bed.

Jay is with her now, and here I am at my desk again. Now is the good part. I began to read Oswald Chambers’ devotion and found these words. “Think back to a time when God spoke to you.”  Hmmm. When did the Lord last speak to me? I suppose it was this morning.

 “Do you remember what He said to you?” Chambers asked. “Was it Luke 11:13 or was it I Thessalonians 5:23?”  I turned to the Luke passage and here is what I read:

“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.”

I immediately sat back and proclaimed out loud, “Oh, my!” And then I began to think about how thankful I am for our five amazing daughters. They are truly God’s gift to us. Why wouldn’t we want to give good gifts to them? Even if it’s only to be there for them when they’re sick.

And what does God promise us, His children? To give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. As believers, we already have the Holy Spirit living in us. Therefore, I assume this means the gifts God’s Spirit has for us if we ask Him. Ask Him for what? First and most important: to cleanse, fill and empower us on a moment-by-moment basis. Why ask this? So we can know and follow His leading. That’s when we’ll recognize and be able to receive His gifts for every area of our lives.

As I began to record all this, the light came on. God had given me what He wanted me to write for my blog. It was God’s gift to me and beloved, I hope in some way, it has been my gift to you.

Beloved I don’t often use that word, but somehow it seems right today. In a way, I feel as if you’re my “children.” I may not know you very well, but I love you dearly. Why? for your willingness to connect with me and “listen” to my ramblings.  

God is good, a giver of gifts and it’s all for the love of the children—His children, as well as yours and mine. Biological or otherwise!


12 Responses to “For the Love of Children, Biological and Otherwise!”
  1. So sorry to hear that Lisa was so ill, but happy that you were available to help! When things get crazy, I’m glad the Lord redeems our writing time. Just another one of His many good gifts to us!

  2. Harriett Salley says:

    Oh my goodness!! Why didn’t you tell me about this when I called you today! Funny thing I had dialed Bruce on our phone as I was coming home from Dot’s kitchen. Are our numbers that close together? You were so cheerful sounding and of course I had not been on the computer yet! Yes, God is amazing AND FAITHFUL!!! He has given you the gift of 5 beautiful girls who love and admire you so.
    As do the rest of us who are reading this blog!! It is a gift for us as well and you know he NEEDED TO SPEAK TO US AS WELL.

  3. Toni Williams says:

    Your CANDOR and transparency, dear Liz, are two of your most beautiful gifts!! This blessed me so and I know it touched many others. It seems there’s no limit to what we would do for our children…WHY do we not have sufficient faith to believe God for the same??!!

    Love you, Toni

    • I know! You’d think we’d get it after all He’s done over the years. I guess our faith won’t be complete until we see Him face to face, right?

      Love you and thanks for checking in. I’ll be in touch to talk about a visit. We miss you!


  4. Lisa Tyler says:

    Mama, than you so much for being there this morning. No matter how old we get, when we’re sick…we just want Mama! That said, I am also blessed to have a daddy that is a great caregiver and took excellent care of me all afternoon! I am one blessed and lucky 40 year old baby girl! I love you both so very much!

  5. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    It is your five daughters who are the ones that are blessed!!! I love you. (I think it is not by accident that you are only three miles from the “baby.” 🙂 ) I am glad you and Dad were there and I hope she is feeling better.

  6. Millie says:

    Awesome, Mom! I am so humbled to call you MOM! 🙂 Love and appreciate you so much!

    • I’m also humbled when I realize how God’s grace has brought our family through life together. I love and appreciate you so much. And I’m awed at how God is using you in such phenomenal ways. Mom

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