An Army Wife’s Motto – Guest Blogger, Katie Payne


 Katie, Brian

 (left to right) Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth and   Abigail 

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(I’m pleased to have Katie, our daughter as my guest blogger this week. Katie, Brian, and their four girls live in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. She is actively involved in a ministry to army wives through the military chapel. Her heart’s desire is to serve God, her family, and other military wives. Thanks for allowing us to share her story with you.)

In 1998, my husband was honored to take command of Alpha Company, 2-502 IN at Fort Campbell, KY.  Shortly after taking command, Brian met with his men to introduce himself. He shared what he expected of himself, his leadership and his soldiers. I remember talking with him about his comments.

He told his men they would be training and preparing to deploy. It wasn’t a question if they would deploy but when. Pre 9/11 units weren’t deploying at the rate they’ve been post 9/11. In fact, the battalion was not even on the charts for deployment. But Brian’s philosophy has been soldiers would always train as if they were deploying. To be ready.

Jeremiah 12:5 says “If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace, how will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?”

This verse has challenged me to use times of “peace” to prepare for difficult times.  I discovered my husband’s philosophy is applicable for me, as well. The question isn’t whether I’ll encounter trials or hardships but when. And, will I be prepared? Will I be ready?

Interestingly, Brian’s company deployed to Bosnia in 1999 for 6 months. He was ready and his soldiers were ready. Although I never enjoy being separated from Brian, I was ready.

After two tours in Iraq, my husband is now commanding a battalion in Afghanistan. He’s in his fourth month of a year-long deployment. I can honestly say I don’t look forward to Alaska’s cold dark winter without him.

The main way I exercise faith is to pray. My desire is to consistently trust God with the minor frustrations of life. Hopefully, this will prepare me to face the more difficult times. I’ve embraced Blessed Be Your Name as my deployment song. It conveys the idea of choosing to bless God’s Name, regardless of what comes my way. This is my heart’s desire.

Over the past four months, Brian has called me a number of times to report casualties. It would be natural to react with panic and fear. However, if I’m “prayed up,” I’m more likely to trust God with the circumstances. I want to be a source of strength to Brian and our girls. I also want to be an encouragement to other military wives. There’s only one way I can fulfill my God-given role as an army wife. That is to be ready by faith for whatever He has for me.  

Brian and I have been in the army for 18 years. We consider army life not just a profession, but a ministry for us both. We believe God is faithful and will meet our needs as we continue to trust Him.

Hebrews 11:5 tells us “By faith, Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family . . .  .”

Is God giving you opportunities today to prepare you for what may come tomorrow?

9 Responses to “An Army Wife’s Motto – Guest Blogger, Katie Payne”
  1. Toni Williams says:

    What a BLESSING, dear Katie to read your words!! How the Lord has grown you into the most beautiful woman, wife, and Mother. You are much like your own Mother and they don’t come any better than she. I loved seeing your picture and will certainly pray for Brian and all of you. What an inspiration you must be to soooo many and what JOY you give your parents.

    Love you,

  2. Nora B. says:

    Man, this message is clearly for me–I spent an entire bible study today reading the “By faith…..” scriptures. Your message brings this into “world application” just exactly on the same day and I thank you Katie for that. Isn’t God a God of timing!
    Nora Burkhart

  3. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    Thanks for sharing in the weekly devotion with Mom and her blog. I am so proud of y’all and always so grateful for all the sacrifice. And yes, I am at work reading this and yes I am crying..Love you

  4. Lisa Tyler says:

    I, am at the salon…ALSO crying! Such a pleasure to “hear” your voice, Katie! Thanks for your wise words and the added reminder of “being prayed up” will prepare me for whatever life throws in my direction. I love you dearly!

  5. Sherry Tyler says:

    It was such a blessing to read your “Army Wife’s Motto” on your Mom’s blog. It made my day! It is such an encouragement to know that you and Brian are using your testimony for the Lord to minister and witness to military personnel and wives. I am sure there are many you meet who have no spiritual background and are so happy to have you share your faith and love and comfort with them. We so appreciate the sacrifices of you and your family. We will be praying for you during those long, dark winters without Brian, but we know the Lord will bless your faithfulness to Him and your loving care for your husband, your girls, and all those Army wives and families who are touched by you and Brian.

    With love,
    Sherry Tyler

  6. Terry Thornhill says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words and for your prayers. I am pretty sure my son is under your husband’s command. Your husband is an answer to prayer. It comforts me to know Matt has a godly man leading him and people like you are praying for him and the rest of the soldiers.
    At times when I start to panic, I remember that God is holding our Army men and women in His hand. I pray for their safety, but I pray God will use them for His will because that is even more important.
    Our pastor was talking about the difference between biblical faith and what our culture says is faith. Cultural faith says, “God, get me out of this trial or hard time. Make me comfortable.” But biblical faith says, “God, take me through this so I can have more of You.” It is obvious that you understand this. I pray that you and your girls will feel God’s love while we wait for our guys to get back to Alaska.
    Terry Thornhill

    • paynefamily6 says:

      Yes, Matt is in the battalion. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he first got to Fort Wainwright. In fact he went to lunch with our family and several others after chapel one Sunday. You have much to be proud of! It is encouraging to know many people around the world are praying for our men and women. It makes all the difference. Thank you for sharing, it is very encouraging to me. May God bless and cover your family, Katie

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