To Infinity and Beyond!

    In the movie, Toy Story, we meet Buzz Lightyear, the newest toy in the nursery. Buzz believes he’s a real life space ranger on a mission. His assignment: to save the universe from Evil Emperor Zurg.

Buzz shows off his wings and sets out to prove to Sheriff Woody he can fly. Leaping from the bed post, he bounces off a rubber ball. Then zoom! Off he goes down the track in a Hot Wheels car. His catapult into space leaves him hanging from a plane suspended from the ceiling. Whirling in circles, the plane sideswipes a wall. Space Ranger Extraordinaire lands gracefully on the bed below.Thus, the adventure begins. To infinity and beyond!

Regardless of our age, we love stories of optimism, enthusiasm and courage. The theme of good vs. evil never grows old or irrelevant. Why is this? It seems we have within us a need to pursue something beyond ourselves. We long  to know and complete our “mission” in life. Are we, like Buzz Lightyear, perhaps reaching for infinity and beyond? “

Mathematicians and philosophers have pointed out it’s impossible to go beyond infinity, or to even reach it. And yet, consider this. When we aim for eternity, God promises to take us beyond our expectations. It’s a cosmic matter of our faith meeting God’s faithfulness. It’s a celestial occurrence when our earthly prayers meet His heavenly strength. The result: His joy and a peace, which is not of this world. However, the real celebration comes when we fulfill our mission in life. That’s when God will multiply the results in heaven.

With that in mind, let’s consider the doxology that ends our study of the Lord’s Prayer. “for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen”

By the way, if this prayer isn’t in your version of Matthew 6:13, there’s a reason. In Dr. Thomas Holland’s Crowned with Glory, he states, “This phrase is found in the majority of Greek manuscripts . . . and is the reading of early English versions, the KJV, and the NKJV. It is not found in the main body of the Critical Text or most modern versions. . . . ” In conclusion, Dr. Holland says, “The textual evidence for the traditional reading is both ancient and massive, and should be retained in our English translations.”

The Wycliffe Bible Commentary says, “The doxology in Matthew 6:13b is a liturgical interpolation from I Chr. 29:11.”  “Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all.”

The definition I found for liturgical interpolation is an enthusiastic ritual. I like that better, don’t you? Now, let’s read it again. Except this time, let’s give it the Buzz Lighyear gusto!

“for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen”

That’s right. In your heart or on the rooftop, shout it out!

Don’t you agree this is the perfect way to end the Lord’s Prayer? To acknowledge and praise three important aspects of the God to whom we pray:            

  • He has dominion over His kingdom on this earth, as well as in heaven.
  • His power is available to us and made perfect in our weakness.
  • His glory was revealed through Jesus’ birth and His transfiguration. God’s glory was manifested in Jesus’ life, miracles, death and resurrection. It is His glory which brought us to faith. And His glory and power will be revealed when He comes again. In heaven, we will see His glory.

Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer as a corporate prayer. From now on, when we pray “Our Father . . . .” together, let’s agree to receive the opportunity for what it is, a gift. 

Meanwhile, the countdown is well underway. Are you ready, space rangers? Man your ship. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we’re off!            Destination: Infinity and Beyond!


(Note: Don’t forget to click on the Crumbs post for scriptures and quotes relating to this post.)

3 Responses to “To Infinity and Beyond!”
  1. Lisa Tyler says:

    Morning Mom! I am so impressed with your ability to draw from a disney movie such appropriate and constructive parallelism to our spiritual mission in life here on earth being an earthly pursuit of heavenly rewards beyond what we can imagine! This was my favorite sentence, “It’s a celestial occurrence when our earthly prayers meet His heavenly strength. The result: His joy and a peace, which is not of this world.” AWESOME! Thanks Mom, for devoting yourself to this blog allowing us to gleam even a crumb of your wisdom! I LOVE YOU!

    • Thanks so much, sweet daughter. Your encouragement came at just the right time! Honestly, it surprises me when God gives me these little nuggests. I feel so honored when He somehow uses me to bless others, especially my family. Thanks again for letting me know you’re there and connecting with me through my blog. It helps to keep me going.

      Love you, Mom

  2. I have to say, Liz, I agree with Lisa! There is always something of Buzz Lightyear in our hearts. What a great word picture you’ve used to point us to the place we should aim our compass!

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