Heaven on Earth

   If you could imagine heaven on earth, how would you describe it? A piece of Hot Fudge Butterscotch Caramel Cake topped with ice cream? Oh, and no calories! We’re allowed to dream, aren’t we? Now that we’ve revved up our minds eye, let’s extend our view.

In the Lord’s Prayer, we pray “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”   That’s a big order, isn’t it? The Bible teaches Jesus will someday set up His kingdom on a restored earth. In his book Heaven, Randy Alcorn says, “The New Earth is the ultimate Promised Land, the eternal Holy Land in which all God’s people will dwell.”

But what about today? Is it possible to experience heaven on earth here and now?  Perhaps so! One thing we know for sure. Heaven will be unfettered by sin or the effect of sin. It’s like fudge cake with no calories, except better. In heaven, we’ll have no appetite for, or propensity to sin. Nor will there be any scars to remind us of our previous sins. The only scars in heaven are the ones Jesus bears. And they’re not blemishes; they’re victory scars.

When the perpetrators nailed Jesus to the cross, they were clueless. They had no idea they were helping to fulfill God’s plan of redemption. Nor did they realize they were nailing the sins of the world to the cross.

Galatians 2:20 assures us of a heavenly phenomenon played out on earth. As believers, we’ve been crucified with Christ. This means we’re no longer trapped in sin, with no way out. Our sin isn’t eradicated under the cross where we struggle to constrain, repress, or rationalize it. It’s eradicated on the cross where Jesus paid the penalty for our sin.

Before the cross, we had no choice whether to sin or not. We were ruled by our sin nature. The victory is that God has forgiven our sins and bought us a new wardrobe. We can now trust the resurrected Christ to clothe us in His righteousness.

We may still decide to reach into our closet of the past. We’ll find our tattered and out-of-style clothes still there. We can even choose to put them on. However, they won’t fit and would be extremely uncomfortable. So, why wear them?

For the believer, sin is no longer natural or fun. It’s a false identity that obscures the wonder of the redeemed soul and lifestyle. What then are we to do about our tendency to sin? When Jesus returned to heaven, He didn’t leave us hopeless, or helpless. He provided a divine connection between heaven and earth, His Spirit. When we received Christ, something very important happened. The Holy Spirit came to dwell in us. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll never sin. However, it does mean we have the power within us not to sin.  

Is “heaven on earth” possible in the here and now? It is, and it’s far better than cake without calories. Every time we choose not to sin, God serves us a slice of heaven. It’s satisfying for now. But it’s only a foretaste of the banquet waiting for us in heaven. Everyone’s invited. Do you have your reservation? If not, why wait? You don’t want to miss it!


“He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love.” SS 2:4


2 Responses to “Heaven on Earth”
  1. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    It was wonderful spending time with the Lord this morning and you. I think we often loose sight of heaven and particularly how we can experience heaven on earth. Thanks for the reminder of where our focus should be. I think keeping our focus on what heaven on earth is like will actually empower us not to sin. To notice heaven in the small the victories over sin should motivate us to press on the bigger goal, heaven and enternity with the Lord. Just a thought. Love you!

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