A Lofty Thought

   Lofty ideas aren’t very effective, are they? They usually lead to boredom and/or despair. Our natural response to loftiness is disinterest or intimidation. Jesus’ purpose for teaching was never to fill our heads with out-of-reach concepts.

The words of Jesus are not mere platitudes from which we pick and choose. His teachings are life-shaping words. When taken seriously, they lead to life-changing results. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus calls us to a profound statement of faith. When we pray your kingdom come, we’re declaring our trust in God’s consummation of His kingdom.

What does it mean? The Revelation 11:15 prophecy puts it simply. “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and he will reign forever.”

That’s not so hard to believe, is it? God proclaimed it; He will do it. Do you know what I find the greater challenge? To trust God for my responsibility in furthering His kingdom. As believers, we’re already a part of His kingdom. Therefore, we must play an important role in the fulfillment of this prophecy. Now, that’s a lofty thought, isn’t it?

What then is our responsibility concerning God’s kingdom? It seems to me we have at least three directives to consider.

  1. Submit to His sovereignty – to trust God’s sovereignty enough to desire His will over our own – In His darkest hour, Jesus prayed, “. . .Yet not as I will , but as you.” (Matthew 26:39)  We submit to God’s sovereignty because we desire to do His will. (Psalm 40:8)                                                                                                                                                   

Is there anything in your life you haven’t totally submitted to God’s will? If so, pray as Jesus prayed, and trust God with the results.

    2. Seek His kingdom  – to be kingdom-minded, rather than worldly-worried. – Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first God’s kingdom and  His righteousness. The Greek word for seek implies worship in this context. It means to desire, to go after the things of  God.  What is the result of our allowing God first place in our lives?                                                                                                                                  

         The potential of:                                                                                  

  • our needs met
  • a worry-free lifestyle
  • a joyful expectancy over our involvement now in the furthering of God’s kingdom.

Are your worries robbing you of your joy? If so, apply Philippians 4:6-7 to every situation and God will give you peace.

   3.   Surrender to His righteousness – When we receive Christ by faith, we’re brought into God’s kingdom – We receive His     righteousness to replace our own self-righteousness. Our part now is to daily surrender to the righteousness of Christ within us.         Jesus’ joy came from His absolute self-surrender to His Father’s will. His prayer in John 17 for us is that we know and continue in His joy. The joy of the kingdom is found in self-surrender. (Hebrews 1:8-9)

Are you tired of trying to be the person you think God wants you to be? If so, prioritize your life according to Matthew 6:33. Put God first in every area of your life. Surrender everything to Him, and He will rejuvenate and energize you to be the person He wants you to be.

Your kingdom come isn’t such a lofty thought after all, is it? Everything Jesus teaches has practical implications. As we apply them to our lives, we discover the essence of His kingdom. It’s His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. But that’s for next time.

Note: I’m attending a Christian Writer’s Conference from May 9th – 13th. So, I won’t be posting on Wednesday. Please pray for me. This is way beyond my comfort zone. I’d rather just stay home and write this blog. But for some reason, God keeps pushing me out of my cozy little nest. So, I’m going by faith. I have to be prepared to present myself and my materials to various agents, publishers, and editors. With much help from my writing guru friends, Edie and Vonda, I’ve been putting everything together. So, please pray



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