Positive Faith Expects Miracles

   When is the last time you encountered a miracle? Would you recognize one if it came your way?  Those who embrace the God of the Bible attest to the validity of the Old Testament miracles. As Christians, we marvel at the miracles of Jesus recorded in the New Testament. Yet, how many of us actually have the faith to expect miracles today in our own personal lives?

Webster defines miracle as “an event impossible to explain by natural laws.” Therefore, it is regarded as “supernatural in origin or as an act of God.” Supernatural is defined as “being attributed to a divine agent.” 

With that in mind, I’m sure you’ll agree God works in ways that can only be attributed to Him. Why then is it hard for us to believe He may have a miracle or two with our names on them?

If only we could wrap our limited minds around the infinite possibilities God has in store for us. And yet, Isaiah 55:8 reminds us that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways.

Perhaps we can elevate our thinking on the matter by evaluating God’s purpose for miracles. In the Old Testament, God performed miracles to display His power and proclaim His name in all the earth. Psalm 66:5-7 assures us God performs His “awesome works” on man’s behalf and will continue to do so forever.

In the New Testament, Jesus performed miracles to prove who He was and why He came. The Father’s set purpose was to hand over His Son to die on our behalf. (Acts 2:22-24) The miracle of the cross provides a way for us to know and experience God’s forgiveness. The miracle of the resurrection makes it possible for the Holy Spirit to manifest His power in and through our daily lives.

Miracles today may not come packaged as they did in the Bible accounts. However, they are no less supernatural or life-changing than the parting of the Red Sea or the feeding of the 10,000.

Doesn’t it stand to reason God’s purpose today is to prove Jesus Christ still lives and works His miracles on our behalf? Dear one, I wish I could step through cyber space and sit down with you. I can hardly wait to tell you of a miracle God sent my way today. Due to a lack of space, my story will have to wait. However, stay tuned. I will share it with you, I promise.

In my opinion, this blog is a miracle. If you knew how undisciplined and technically challenged I am, you would agree. For His own purpose, God has helped me to be productive with my writing. And now, through positive faith, I believe He has even greater things in store for me. Is it because I deserve it? No. Is it because I’m so smart and capable? Definitely not. It’s because He loves me, and I’m convinced He has put these things on my heart. In response, I’ve chosen to believe His promise to complete what He has started in me. (Philippians 1:6)

I believe this for you, as well. Let’s agree to invite God to open our eyes to the miracles He’s already performed on our behalf. And then, let’s choose to have positive faith in what He wants to do for us in the future.

Suppose God’s miracles are just around the corner, waiting for us to embrace them. I don’t want to miss a one, do you? If you’re in a place where you can, shout  



Note: Ready to jump start your positive faith in miracles? Check out the Crumbs section for applicable scriptures. You’ll also discover how Jesus’ miracles transcended nature, circumstances, science, and the minds of men, including our own.


One Response to “Positive Faith Expects Miracles”
  1. Toni Williams says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your miracle, dear friend! I can tell of several of my own and pray for eyes to see more!!!

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