The Mouse Christmas: a tale for kids from 1 to 102


Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was ready, except for the mouse.

“It’s coming! It’s coming! It will soon be here,” Papa Mouse shouted as his kids gave a cheer.

“Gather the crumbs and wrap them with care.” Mama declared.  “For company is coming and we must be prepared.”

Sniffing a crumb, little Freddy asked, “Mama, when Christmas is near, why are we filled with such joy and such cheer?”

“We celebrate the season,” she began to explain.  “There’s joy in our hearts and the reason is plain.

Long ago and far away a baby was born.  He was  placed in a manger. Twas a special morn.

Your ancestors were there. They peered through the hay.  So the story is told ’til this very day.

A star shone, angels came, shepherds shook with fear. Then an angel spoke to them in a voice loud and clear. 

‘Don’t be afraid. Go and see.  The Christ Child is here. Peace on earth, good will to men.  Have no fear.”

“What happened to the baby?” Freddy asked wide-eyed. 

 Papa replied, “He grew up, lived a perfect life, then one day He died.”

“If he was so good, Papa, why did he die?” 

“Twas the only way.  He so loved the people, for their sins He would pay.”

“Don’t fret. God’s Son didn’t stay dead,” Mama explained. “He arose from the grave and went to heaven to reign.”

Freddy marvelled with light in his eyes.  “It’s a wonderful story and true I believe, but it makes me sad to realize . . . .”

“What do you mean?” Mama asked with a smile.  “What makes you sad, my precious child?” 

“Upstairs where those people live, it’s hurry, scurry, and worry, too with all the preparing and just what to give who.

Don’t they know the joy Christmas brings comes from the one about whom they sing? Don’t they know He’s God’s Son?

Instead of enjoying Him, they fret and complain.  Don’t they know how He loves them and died in such pain?

The shopping, the cooking, the tree and the trim.  Then they all seem too tired to pay attention to Him.

Why don’t they take time to see, take time to prepare their hearts for this Christmas, His love to share?

I know we’re His creatures, He loves us I see.  Yet, for them, God became flesh, a man He would be.

Papa and Mama, I hope they don’t miss the best gift of all, the one sent from heaven, the baby so small.

I hope they’ll know in their hearts He came for a reason.  And with great joy and peace they’ll celebrate the season!”


(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I’ll have new postings for you after the first of the year.)

6 Responses to “The Mouse Christmas: a tale for kids from 1 to 102”
  1. Lollie Beck says:

    I remember printing this poem of yours and making little books, attaching them to mice made of felt and candy canes. It was a fun gift. I still have one that I put on my tree! Thanks for sharing it with everyone. 🙂

  2. Nora B. says:

    What a grande gift! Thank you Liz! I will pass it on to my little grandbaby Bekah who was a mouse for Halloween. Merry Christmas Liz!

  3. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    Excellent follow-up to the crumbs. 🙂

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