Age-Defying Fixers *a breakthrough education in the fight against growing old and crabby

Unless you die first, you will grow old—that’s a given.  Whether you grow old crabby and clueless is optional.  Young or old, who wants to be crabby and clueless?



  • A djust your attitude with a reality check and act accordingly.
  • B e the person you wish you were.
  • C hoose your battles and consider the cost.
  • D efine your dream and then pursue it.
  • E xercise restraint and curb your tongue.
  • F orget grudges and forgive freely.
  • G et over yourself and get on with life.
  • H arden your resolve and soften your heart.
  • I ncline your ear to hear and your heart to care.
  • J oyfully give thanks in everything because God’s aware and at work.
  • K now God intimately and know yourself honestly.
  • L ive life to the fullest each and every day.
  • M ake things happen.  It’s never too late.
  • N ever take love for granted.
  • O wn up to your mistakes.
  • P ut a lid on criticism and practice praising.
  • Q uit feeling sorry for yourself and count your blessings.
  • R espond rather than react to people, as well as to life.
  • S et your sights on serving others, and not yourself.
  • T ap your inner strength and other God-given resources.
  • U nveil your heart and unchain your fears.
  • V ary your friends and value your friendships
  • W eigh your words.  Wisdom is best given in small doses.
  • X out the bad habits.
  • Y ield to your potential.
  • Z ero in on the possibilities.

Now you know your ABCs; apply them one by one.  Then you’ll see life can be happier, healthier, and a lot more fun.


6 Responses to “Age-Defying Fixers *a breakthrough education in the fight against growing old and crabby”
  1. Lisa Tyler says:

    Thanks Mom! Think I need to put these ABC’s up on the mirror to see every day! Love you and so proud to cal you my mama!!!

  2. Mary Beth Welsh says:

    Great, the last thing I want to become is a bitter, ressentful old woman. Okay, I guess it is also the last thing anyone else wants me to become as well. I look forward to my Thursday morning quiet time with you. Love you.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Liz!

    I love this one! Did you write these ABC’s? How clever. May I use it my prayer letter? I’d love to share it with my supporters. Love you and miss you and Jay. Hope we can see you soon!

    • Hey Yes, I wrote them about four years ago as an assignment at a writer’s retreat. We were given magazines and told to choose something in the magazine to inspire our writing. As you can imagine, I used an advertisement for age-defying cosmetics. It was fun to do and continues to be convicting to me. Hope to see y’all soon, too. 🙂

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