Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

Children hear and understand far more than we realize.  You discovered this the first time your two-year-old mimicked your anger or harsh words.  But, oh how it warmed your heart when that same child picked up on a positive thing you taught or modeled in your life.   

 When the youngest of our five daughters was somewhat past the two year mark, she was super dependent on her pacifier.  One day, when I was preparing to leave town for a ministry trip, I tucked her in bed for what I hoped would be a nice long nap.  I’d just begun to concentrate on my packing when I heard her crying.  When I checked on her, I realized she didn’t have her pacifier.  Did she have it when I put her down?  I couldn’t remember, so I searched all around her crib.  No pacifier. 

When the crying turned to wailing, I had an idea.  “Let’s ask God to help us find your passy.”  She wasn’t too interested in that, but did quiet down enough to listen to me pray.  “God, you know where Lisa’s pacifier is, so please help us find it.”

Immediately, the thought came to me that maybe she left it in her sisters’ room.  Sure enough, that’s exactly where I found it.  I don’t know why we continue to be so amazed when God answers our prayers.  I suppose it’s good that we never lose the wonder, isn’t it? 

When I presented Lisa with her pacifier, she immediately stopped crying and plopped it in her mouth.  Hoping to make this a teaching moment I said, “Now, Lisa let’s thank God for helping us find the pacifier.”  She snuggled under her blanket as I stood over her and said a short thank you prayer.

Two weeks later, we lost the pacifier again, and the more I looked the more frustrated I became. Suddenly, my little one looked up at me and said, “Let’s ask Jesus, Mommy.”   With tears in my eyes, I again prayed for God to help us find the passy.  However, I must confess another prayer was going through my head simultaneously.  “God, you have to help me find it again.  After all, a little child’s faith is at stake.”

Whose faith do you think God was really testing?  That’s right—mine. When God immediately answered my prayer, I discovered that a mustard seed faith isn’t only meant to move mountains.  It finds pacifiers, too.

In Genesis 22:15-18, God blesses Abraham for trusting Him enough to be willing to sacrifice his son. And then He makes Abraham a promise. Through his offspring all the nations on earth would be blessed, because he obeyed God.

You’re probably thinking I could never have that kind of faith.  I agree, and yet no matter how weak and wavering our faith is, as long as it leads to our obedience to God, He will use it to influence others, especially our own children.  And who knows, like Abraham, perhaps our faith and obedience will not only bless our offspring, but the generations who come after them.  That isn’t such a tall order for God, do you think?

Note:  Check out my new post Paper Bag Apple Pie and you’ll see a picture of Lisa on her horse Sundance.

2 Responses to “Little Pitchers Have Big Ears”
  1. Claire says:

    I’m finding this out with my 2 year old grandson! And I’m so keenly aware of how important all of these early, foundational experiences are now!

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